Donn Gunvalson Not Interested In Getting Back Together With Vicki


It has been rumored that Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson has been trying to get back with her ex-husband Donn, but according to a new report, Donn is not interested in reuniting!

“Vicki and Donn are in a very good place now which is great because he is still very close to his step-kids,” a source revealed. “But Donn would never consider a reconciliation because he is happily living a very quiet life on the Colorado River, and wants nothing to do with Orange County or the show. Donn rode happily off into the sunset and he has even been dating.”

“Vicki does indeed regret divorcing Donn…She now realizes what a great honest, hard working husband he was to her,” an insider tells RadarOnline. “Vicki has a new level of appreciation for Donn, but she is just trying to land on her feet again. She is someone that needs to be in a relationship. Briana just wants her to take her time and find the right guy this time, and not settle.”

Would you like to see Vicki and Donn reunite? Comment below.

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • What told me the most about her relationship with Donn was the wine pairing party at Peggy’s house. She just kept it up and kept it up harping on something that happened several years before. Now, as any person knows, we can’t go back and change things we did or didn’t do. And any married person should know throwing stuff like that in someone’s face time after time especially in front of Tamra and Eddie the way she was is just bitchy. Which is what he told her and then she was all insulted. typical of her.

    • Sally

      Totally agree, I am so pleased he doesn’t want anything to do with the show. Vicky will never change.

      • I just realized that the photo caption was taken at the dinner I mentioned! Ironic.

  • imaroyce

    okay so I need to move to Colorado lol he is such a doll

  • Judge Judy

    I don’t think they’re a good match. Don does not have a strong enough personality to handle Vicki, so she loses respect and he’s sneaky. Remember, poor victim Don had a girlfriend on the side for years so I don’t especially feel sorry for him or buy his victim line.

  • VaNonna

    Good for Donn, he is much better off without Vicki. She treated him horribly.

  • Princess of Strogonoff

    Smart guy….

  • Melodie

    After the way V treated him and the substantial alimony he got from her he is running for the hills. Vickie is a pompous ass. What she really needs to do it to stay single for 3-4 years and stop acting like a love sick puppy. She needs to be alone to understand that when you marry someone the woman should not be the one with the penis. Vickie’s failed marriages Im sure had to do with her being the dominant one. It was her way or the highway. All that attitude and being an asshole rubbed off on her son too. He showed no respect for his mother but he wanted all the toys. If my mom showed up at my college dorm or house ( and I don’t care if she brought the entire liquor store) without calling I would be so embarrassed again make it all about her and she gets attention. I would be mortified.
    Vickie wants every one and everything to be about her. So sad she says she is a smart woman but she is so shallow and is like a sad puppy.


      Boy, you hit the nail on the head on this one. When someone has to say all the time how smart they are, it’s because they aren’t that smart!


    She yelled at him SO MUCH I lost respect for him as a man. Why he didn’t stand up for himself was beyond me.

    • Sally

      Gigicat, I thought the same as well! I could never understand why he didn’t tell her to be quiet or take a walk!

  • Dixie Leigh

    Vicki didn’t realize how fortunate she was to have Donn Gunvalson. Whomever he is dating is a lucky lady. We should all be that fortunate!

  • Judge Judy

    I don’t think Donn is appealing at all. He’s too wimpy.

    • Judge Judy

      Then again, I don’t think Vicki is appealing, either, lol.

    • Princess of Strogonoff

      Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

  • Sally

    I think someone should send Don some roller blades to make his getaway!!!

  • River

    LOL and ditto, Sally!!!!!

    • Sally


  • kim2020

    Donn has been there and done that! Vicki needs to see a life therapist and identify the reason for her attraction to unsuitable men if she’s truly concerned. If for some reason that she is unsuccessful, Vic should stop complaining, own her choices and be proud. Also, stop expecting her friends to support her because she can’t expect them to allow criminals into their homes with open arms.