Why Does Dolores Catania Still Live With Her Ex-Husband While Dating Another Man?

RHONJ star Dolores Cantina recently revealed that she has been in a relationship with Dr. David Principle for the past year, but she is still living with her ex-husband, Frank. Dolores spoke with The Daily Dish, and talked about how this arrangement works for her family.

“My ex and his girlfriend have been together 11 years and they’re in this thing where they keep fighting about the same thing,” Dolores said. “Nothing’s getting better, so it’s time to take a break. I think after 11 or 12 years, it’s worth giving it a shot, maybe you need a little break and not be in the same house and argue about the same things, so he moves back in with me.”

For some people there is no way this would work, but Dolores is all for it.

“It’s the greatest thing!” Dolores said. “I come home, he’s mopping my floor, he’s handling my appointments, he’s doing the dishes, he’s paying all the bills.”

Co-star, Siggy Flicker, also gave her opinion on the situation as well.

“It’s hard for people to understand, but Dolores and I have extremely good relationships with our exes. My ex-husband was the best man at my wedding, Dolores’ ex Frank and my ex have a wonderful relationship. You know why? Because we’re able to put our egos aside and it benefits [our kids] Frankie, Gabby,  Sophie and Joshua. So if my ex said, ‘Hey, I don’t know what I’m doing right now and I need a place to stay,’ I’d say, ‘My house is your house, your kids are living there.’ Dolores did the same thing.”

What do you think of Dolores’ relationship with Frank?

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  • KelliAnn

    I call B.S.!
    Another fake storyline…

    • Shadowcat99

      I totally agree. How convenient that when the cameras start rolling, that’s when the fights with his girlfriend drive him to move in with his ex. There was a story posted months ago that this would be Dolores’ storyline this year and that it was totally fake. Not to mention that he’s moving in and shows up with 1 designer bag and no luggage? All his suits fit into that tiny bag? Total B.S.

      Another B.S. storyline is Joe buying the Pizzeria without Melissa knowing. Puh-lease. That was the WORST acting I’ve ever seen. It was just to give them some drama, but there is no way he purchased that without her knowing. So fake. If Melissa was a better actress, she could have sold it. But, an actress she is not.

      I hate when I can spot the fakeness because I absolutely LOVE the RHONJ and got to appear in the background in a few episodes. But some of this stuff is just too obvious and it drives me crazy.

  • cat62

    If it works for them?

  • EnigmaWrappedInSnark

    I think it’s two fold. Number one, Jersey is very expensive (and Delores is admittedly terrible with money. Secondly, let’s be real; bitch needs a story line (which I am enjoying). Then again, anytime we get to see Frankie … *pant pant pant

  • Nikki

    Nobody is believing that Frank CAT Tan Ya moved back in. Its a fake story line to make Dullores look moderately interesting.

  • Violetsnlillies

    I think most people can see right through this charade.

  • 2018

    Dolores is nice & treats people right. She is a loyal person. Just wish Siggy would go (and STFU).