Dolores Catania Says This Season of RHONJ Will Test Friendships, Shares Her Thoughts About Margaret Josephs

Dolores Catania is opening up about this season of RHONJ. In a recent blog post, Dolores teases that this season will test friendships and loyalty.

“This season will test friendships, loyalties, and morality. Decade-old friendships are tested, old enemies become friends, new friends cause chaos, and some relationships are dissected while others remain unchallenged. But in the end the bonds of true friendships can’t be broken. Loyalty always prevails.

Yes, my ex-husband moved back into my house after 18 years. Our kids are trying to cope with over-protective parents. My dogs, the chinchilla, and the guinea pig can’t figure out what’s going on. My family thinks I’ve lost my mind. As if my home and professional life isn’t challenging enough, my friends have been infiltrated by Sneaky and Crazy.”

Catania also had a lot to say about newcomer Margaret Josephs, who she doesn’t seem to be too fond of.

“Well what do you think of Sneaky Margaret? She showed who she is within hours of meeting us.

Sneaky approached me to badmouth Siggy as if I hadn’t witnessed Sneaky’s nasty comments first hand. I shut her down within minutes. From that exchange, she concluded:

“Dolores is like a little mini Siggy. I can’t even get a word in edgewise. I mean it’s like literally she parroted everything Siggy says. I was like I didn’t even realize who I was talking to except that Dolores is a little scarier.”

First off, Siggy is my friend. Being compared to her is a compliment. Having said that, let’s talk sneaky backstabbing disrespectful low life. Welcome to the party, Sneaky Margaret. I witnessed her subversive commentary and her divide-and-conquer tactics. So when Sneaky tried to feed me her bullsh–, I told her I didn’t want to hear it. She couldn’t get a word in edgewise because I won’t waste my time listening to fools manipulate what I witnessed. Sneaky reporting back and misquoting what I said doesn’t surprise me. I expected it.

I have known Teresa and her family for 20 years. We are friends—not TV friends—but real friends. Real friends celebrate the good, comfort during the bad, sometimes fight, always make up, and never have hidden agendas. I’m not in competition for Teresa. I know what we’ve been through.”

Dolores also weighed in on cake-gate and says the old Teresa would have told Melissa she was acting like a child.

“Teresa has gone through drastic changes in her life recently. Many people she depended on are not around, and some shady characters moved into place. The old Teresa would have stopped the new girls from mocking Siggy and Michael Campanella or questioning my loyalty. The old Teresa would have told Siggy she was overreacting about the cake but she was sorry about making her feel bad. The old Teresa would have told Melissa to stop acting like a self-absorbed child. The old Teresa would have demanded to know where the hell Siggy and I were during the beach ritual. The old Teresa would have told Siggy they had a ritual when Siggy asked what they did that day on the way to Lori’s house. The old Teresa valued old friendships and wasn’t influenced by anyone.

Siggy spent a lot of time planning the trip to Florida. She was over-the-top excited, showering Sneaky Margaret with praise while getting battered in return. The birthday dinner became the great reveal. Margaret was challenging everything Siggy said. She was going at Michael Campanella like a starved dog with a bone, attacking a man she never met.

I saw Siggy’s expression as soon as she realized Sneaky was not her friend. Sneaky came with an agenda, and that agenda was to alienate Siggy from the rest of us. She kept jabbing and punching at Siggy, knowing when you attack someone’s family or profession, eventually you’re going to get a reaction. When the reaction came, Sneaky switched her approach to “Hey, tone it down. Why you overreacting, Soggy Flicker, Mrs Relationship expert?” Siggy was left picking up the pieces of her shattered plans.”

Catania also reacted to being left out of the memorial service by Josephs.

“I never received a group text about yoga. I found out from Siggy. On our way to Lori’s house in the van, Siggy asked them what they did that afternoon. Their answer was “yoga.” Wasn’t the ritual more important than yoga? Why lie? It was to land another blow to Siggy while at Lori’s house. The new girls spent the day criticizing Lori’s hospitality. Siggy was so disgusted with how they were picking the luncheon apart that she told Lori what was going on.

The dinner at Siggy’s house was to be the choreographed knockout punch delivered to Siggy. Everyone was screaming over each other. I remained silent, preferring to keep my eye on the crazy to my left to make sure her ass didn’t leave the chair. Sneaky was licking her chops as she delivered her overly-rehearsed Soggy Flicker line. Melissa kept whining about her cake and her birthday and wanting to spend it with fun people, blah blah blah.

Teresa asking me to confirm events from the night before jolted me from my happy place. No I didn’t remember everything said the night before. I remember Sneaky’s exhausting attack on Michael Campanella, me telling Siggy to let it go when I saw how devastated she was, and Melissa whining. So being asked about specifics was futile. I said I don’t remember hearing it, I didn’t say it wasn’t said. Melissa accusing me of taking the fifth made me laugh almost as much as when she slapped Teresa to cue her to get up for their grand exit.

Being Italian and concerned about them missing the meal, I offered to bring a doggie bag.”

What are your thoughts on what Dolores had to say?

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  • Boo

    Dull bugs me for many reasons, talk about making mountains out of molehills…. I just can’t with this chick.
    And if you have to bring up how loyal you are every five minutes, maybe you’re not as loyal as you think!

    • Nikki

      She isn’t loyal at all to anyone on that show other then Siggy, her kids, her dogs (love that) & maybe bestie Carolyn Manzo off camera.

      • Boo

        So true!

  • Minx

    Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty..
    Dolores has seen too many Soprano episodes and has seen too many Godfather sequels

  • Nancy

    Dolores & Siggy need2get over this crap! Get a storyline & move the hell on! Let’s dissect her life. Who lets her loser husband move in after 18 yrs then decides 2 co-parent! Yeah I can imagine that her children R confused! Did the relationship expert tell her that was a good idea? I really don’t care what she does but when Ur a moron don’t defend the indefensible. It’s so obvious Siggy has grandiosity problems & needs help. She introduced Margaret as a great friend now is distancing herself frm her. It’s so foolish that she is the laughing stock bc there is no reason to belittle Ur friends & call them names over a stupid cake! Dolores is her lapdog!
    Dolores makes it sound like she’s in the mob. Siggy brought her in2 the group blah,blah,blah… Her explaination is ridiculous! Loyality doesn’t even begin 2explain how vicious& sanctimonious they R! Next!
    I’m out peace!

  • Nikki

    Dullores tries to come off as so real 7 down to earth. Hmm lets break this down, face lift before 50, butt lift, leg lift, tummy tuck, lipo, fake hair, constantly tanned (fake & bake & tanning bed). Says she is an “independent woman” yet sponged off her ex husband for how many years? Now ex is supposedly living with her BUT he lives up the street with his gf of 15 years and their little kids according to his facebook account. So the Frank moved back in thing is all bs. So much for Dullores being REAL! & Loyal? Well she sure wasn’t loyal to anyone but Siggy so far this season. 1 thing I like about her though is that she loves dogs. To me that’s her only saving grace.

  • Nikki

    I think in person she is probably a really awesome lady but I think they are turning her into this “tough talking, overly made up, Hypocrite” for the show & it’s so stupid & makes her seem so ridiculous & just not all that interesting. UGH!

  • Nancy

    I never trusted her or Siggy! They spent way2 much time with Jac the Wack! Birds of a feather! Not buying their BS! I’m out. Peace!

  • jtman24

    Dullores is exasperating. She’s so far up Siggy’s butt that she can’t even for one second fathom that someone may have a different side to the story. She doesn’t know Margaret, yet she has no problem calling her awful names. She may not have like what Margaret did, but the punishment does not fit the crime. Margaret was trying to be nice to new people — what harm was that? No, boring Dolores (who has no story line except that her ex moved back in but they’re still not together, WTF?) deems that she’s unloyal because Dolores and Siggy had to act like spoiled brats and not go to yoga. But then they found out that their little temper tantrums cost them to participate in the memorial. Puleese! Both Dolores and Siggy need to grow up and stop acting like the world needs to revolve around them.

  • cat62

    Delores has been very quiet up until now. Siggy just turns everything up way to far and makes such a big deal over it and over it and over it and over it. Do these people seriously spend months and years talking about something so stupid?