Dolores Catania Says She Never Talked About Teresa Giudice

When Danielle Staub returned to The Real Housewives of New Jersey, she wasn’t able to connect with Dolores Catania.

If you’ve been watching, Danielle claimed Dolores told her that Teresa Giudice only cares about money and warned her. Dolores has vehemently denied Danielle’s claims and was asked about it during a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

So what did Dolores and Danielle actually talk about?

“There was no conversation. There was a zero conversation regarding Teresa and everything,” Dolores explained.

Dolores continued to give us more insight as to what happened behind-the-scenes. She explains that the time this conversation was alleged to have occurred, she had brought her son Frankie Catania to Danielle’s house after Danielle offered for him to speak to her fiancé Marty Caffrey about a possible internship with his company.

“I left Frankie in the foyer, I thanked them for having Frankie, and I walked out. And then I went back, Danielle was not there, I picked Frankie up, and that was it,” Dolores said. “And next thing you know, this story came out of nowhere. But this is typical of Danielle. She’s done this before. So it’s par for the course.”

But Danielle is painting that she is telling the truth. She addressed the topic in her recent blog.

“You and I both know that the only reason you got so upset is because you didn’t expect me to tell Teresa what you said. I expected you to be mad about that, but boy you are full of surprises. You lied, and the other side of your brain (Siggy [Flicker]) swore to it. Just because you both swear to it doesn’t mean you’re telling the truth. In my book, someone who gets that upset doesn’t scream innocent to me,” she wrote. “I can tell you this: If you had just owned up to it, you would have known that what I was going to say is that you were just trying to save me from getting my feelings hurt, and if you want to ask anyone why you would do this for me, it’s because I think that you felt comfortable and close enough to me since you were dropping your son off at my house so that he could speak to Marty about some of the decisions on his future. I know Frankie is going to be successful. He is a nice young man who will go very far in life—you should be very proud.”

Whose side are you on? Do you believe Danielle?

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7 Replies to “Dolores Catania Says She Never Talked About Teresa Giudice”

  1. Same old Danielle and Teresa! Dolores-just ask Jac…..Teresa always takes her friends of 5 mins side over her long term friends. Teresa always preaches loyalty…..pot calling the kettle black!

  2. I believe Dolores. She’d be stupid to trash talk Teresa to Danielle who is a known snake. Sorry Danielle is trying to suck up to Teresa to get back on the show. And its working.

  3. Without a doubt I believe Dolores. But what was Danielle trying to achieve? Only mischief & disharmony. Lie detector test. That should be a permanent fixture for the housewives.

  4. I believe Dolores but who knows Danielle could have a recording of them talking and what she is accusing her of could be true.
    The reason I do not believe Danielle is because if I was on a show that caused my daughters to get harassed at school . I would want revenge on who was hurting my children. and to breakup a 20 year friendship so be it.
    Pride before the fall.

  5. Using Jaq as a analogy for this BS doesn’t wash with me. Jaqueline and her hubby are guilty of just as much fraud as Teresa ever was. Something is wrong with Jaq. She proved that on the bus after Teresa and her brother ended their relationship with Kathy and Rosie. She should have minded her own business and not told anyone how to feel, how to act or what to do. She wasn’t present at the lunch with Teresa, Jo, Kathy ad Rosie, so she has no factual basis for her opinions. Same goes for everything she involves herself in. Teresa has the right to handle her own family issues as she sees fit. It is none of Jaqueline’s business. Her and Danielle are cut from the same cloth. Liars to the end.

  6. I believe Dolores 110%.
    Cannot stand Staub. She & Teresa are two peas in a pod.
    Dolores is a class act. So is Margaret.
    Just wish Dolores would distance herself from Siggy.
    I can’t stand Siggy but her parents are really cool. Very classy and wise.

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