Dolores Catania: Italians Love Hard and Fight Hard


Dolores Catania is weighing in on the Giudice/Wakile drama in her blog this week. Catania explains the Italian culture and says that Italians love hard and fight hard. She says that the fighting within this particular family is deep and even though Siggy Flicker has given great advice, Dolores says this is a war that has been going on inside the family for generations.

“Whew! The RHONJ drama has been heating up lately! My girl, Siggy, has been doing what she does best, offering up plenty of amazing relationship advice on the show. I may not be a relationship expert, but I am Italian, so I feel like I have some input to offer Siggy –- and all of you non-Italians — so you can better understand the drama that’s been going down in Jersey!

Siggy has been dishing out some incredible tips on maintaining relationships and mending relationships. However, when you’re Italian, the “rules” don’t typically apply. Now, I obviously can’t speak for all Italians out there, but I can speak from experience and based on pretty much every single Italian family I’ve ever known. We Italians are extremely passionate people -– we love hard and we fight hard!

We usually have a really hard time putting an end to our arguments -– it’s not easy for us to just let things go. When Italian people fight, it’s like a war that goes on for years and years. Usually, no one will remember why it started; it just goes on and on and on, through generations. The Giudice/Wakile ongoing issues are no exception. Based on what I’ve been told, the issues began with their parents, and unfortunately, it didn’t end there.

History often repeats itself, but in my own life, I’m determined to make a change and evolve from the way that I was raised, for my own sake and for the sake of my children. I’ve been working hard to adjust to all of the new things that are going on in my life. My kids are becoming more and more independent, and I’m becoming more and more independent! In the beginning, I had a hard time coming out of my comfort zone, but with time I’ve adjusted just fine and am pulling my weight.

I’ve been working hard to make Powerhouse Gym successful, and I’m determined to make a difference and use my own life experiences to help other women in the same situation as me. So many women feel like they don’t deserve an hour a day for themselves. Until recently, I’ve been there. I’m here to tell all of you that YOU DO! If you take care of yourself, you’re in a better position to take care of those around you.”

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