Dolores Catania Dishes on Her Friendship With Teresa Giudice


New Real Housewives of New Jersey star Dolores Catania has known Teresa Giudice since she was Teresa Gorga, because that’s how long they’ve been friends.

“I’ve known Teresa so long I have actually a specific memory, like here I am nine months pregnant from my daughter, Gabrielle who’s now gonna be 21 in September,” she recalled to the Daily Dish. “I was the first to get married and here’s my cousin Tanya and Teresa Gorga coming over to hang out at my Shore house, getting ready to go to Temptations. I mean, OK, if that’s not a flashback.”

Teresa said during RHONJ that she and Dolores are “cut from the same cloth,” noting their shared nationality. “We’re true Italians,” she explained. “We’ll stick with you until the end.”

And while Teresa was serving her time at FCI Danbury, Dolores thought of her friend.

“I don’t see a lot of changes in Teresa. Teresa coming out of Danbury has been — I mean, probably the hardest thing was being there, to be away from her children. And through it all, I always thought of her. On a nice day I’d be driving around and say, ‘Oh, she’d be down the shore with her kids right now. I know today’s a hard day for her,'” Dolores explained during an episode of the show. “And there were certain milestones that she missed as well, so I think just going through something like that in general makes you not worry about things that would have bothered you in the past. Going through anything in life is — I don’t want to say humbling because I don’t think everybody needs to be humbled that goes through something bad. But I think that when you go through something life-changing you look at things a lot differently, but changing as a person? I don’t think people change.”

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5 Replies to “Dolores Catania Dishes on Her Friendship With Teresa Giudice”

    1. I agree about Dolores, she does seem OK! I can’t see the likeness between her and Dina but maybe it will grow on me!

      1. It is actually only in her facial mannerisms, especially when she smiles. She doesn’t look like her per say, just has the same smile or something. So FAR, I’m liking how she is being fair to both Jac’s and Theresa. That has to be one heck of position to be in, but she SEEMS to like them both so she might be a good mediator.

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