Dolores Catania Consulted Police on How to Deal With Danielle Staub

RHONJ star Dolores Catania wasn’t pleased with the decision to bring Danielle Staub back as a Housewife.

“I think it’s something we all could’ve done without,” Dolores told ET. “I gave her the benefit of the doubt. Even hearing specific details from, not just one person, everybody can’t be wrong.”

“I started out with her with a clean slate, and somebody said to me, ‘So, how’s it going with Danielle?’” Dolores adds. “I say, ‘She seems OK. She likes animals, she seems, like, good with kids. She seems nice.’ They’re like, ‘Just wait. Just wait.’ So, sure enough, she showed her true colors very early in.”

Danielle and Dolores get into a screaming match in an upcoming episode after Dolores confronts Danielle about comments she made.

“What she does is, she pushes people’s buttons,” Dolores shared, “waits for a reaction, then acts like the victim. I’ve never seen this behavior before, so I called in my brother and my father, who are cops. And I said, ‘She’s getting me to a point, I’m not gonna be able to handle this.’”

“They’re like, she’s a professional victim,” Dolores continues. “You just described that. The best thing you can do is ignore her, it’ll drive her crazy. And I did. And then who’d she start on? My friend, [Siggy Flicker].”

Dolores calls Danielle a “delusional woman,” adding that “a leopard doesn’t change its spots. Ever.”

“[Our] first season we came on and we wanted to bring our friends together,” Siggy says of last year. “This season, new person comes on and wants to tear our friends away from us.”

“This is the real Siggy,” she explains. “When I’m dealt with toxic people in my life, I block you. I delete you. I try to get away from you. If you see me angry, and you see my lashing out, it’s because, listen, when you’re dealing with a toxic person, you’re forced to be with that person, what do you want me to do? You want me to say Hava Nagila, Hava? No, no, no, no, no. You have to stand for something, and you won’t fall for anything.”

Do you think Daniele has changed?

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  • Boo

    Oh shut up Delores, you came on with preconceived notions about Danielle (you being a soldier of Jac and Caro) who are you trying to fool? Fool!!
    Once again, making mountains out of molehills! Thirsty much….oh yes you are!

    • Nikki

      Preach Boo!

    • 2018

      Siggy is the one who needs to shut up.

      • Boo

        They both do, can’t stand either one.

  • Pierre

    So really she just asked her brother and dad lol.

  • cat62

    Ha -never seen this before?? HAHAHA what a hoot. Most housewives have done it at one time or another…. its the name of the housewife game my dear. “What she does is, she pushes people’s buttons,” Dolores shared, “waits for a reaction, then acts like the victim.

  • Dave

    Dolores said in the first episode ‘Danielle’s crazy’. Before even meeting her. So clearly there was no ‘clean slate’. Dolores had been fed information by certifiable Jac and bully Caroline, and like a good soldier she went on the attack against Danielle. Dolores and Siggy are the biggest phonies and hypocrites!

  • Nikki

    they are both such idiots. Also, such phonies! UGH the bs stinks to high heaven from these 2 overly made up heifers.

  • UnrealHousewife57

    Danielle was fired because she brought armed men to a meeting with Caroline Manzo at a restaurant .
    Sure, have her back on the show. Why not?

  • Sugar Mama

    Danielle Staub is a freaking nutter…A liar, con artist, a real scary dudette who lives a real thug life and it’s been proven so Teresa Guidice is questioning a long time friend such as Dolores who was a good cop ? who’s got no criminal record unlike the nutter and has been a great friend ? and she needs to think about who’s telling the truth? I knew Teresa was a little slow but this one takes the cake. Oh yeah she did take a cake and decimated it too! You could clearly see that D invented this whole story and she even used words that even dumbo T said didn’t sound right…..”be careful”. Dolores doesn’t have a mean bone in her body cmon. Her only crime is maybe being too loyal to her friends! I can’t believe anyone would question this woman’s integrity against a known goon.

    • bluebell

      I agree with you. I can’t stand Teresa or Danielle. They should not have destroyed that beautiful cake. I think Teresa is so jealous of Melissa. Melissa better watch her back, Teresa will never change.

  • bluebell

    I like Delores. I would trust her over Danielle any day.