Why Doesn’t Vicki’s Daughter Briana Like Brooks?


For the past couple of years, Vicki Gunvalson has gotten a lot of flack about her relationship with Brooks Ayers. One of her biggest critics? Her daughter Briana Culberson, and we finally have some insight into why Briana doesn’t like her mom’s boyfriend.

During Monday night’s episode of RHOC, Vicki Gunvalson told Lizzie Rovsek at her birthday dinner that she blames Tamra for influencing Briana’s hatred for Brooks.

“Tamra and I have been through marriages, divorces the woes of being a single parent,” Vicki told Lizzie. “We have a lot in common, but when she hurt me really bad was when she went to my daughter about him [Brooks].”

Vicki continues, “We’ve had to combat a lot of lies, because a lot of lies were told about him. If Tamra never went to my daughter with this information a couple years ago that she thought was the truth, I would be that much further along with my daughter and Brooks.”

However a source close to the family tells us the real reason Briana doesn’t Brooks.

“Briana found out about Brooks 7 years ago when she saw a romantic text message between Brooks and Vicki when she was married to Donn,” our insider EXCLUSIVELY tells us. “As she said on camera, Briana was concerned about Brooks when she saw him driving Vicki’s cars, spending her money, having access to her bank accounts and trying to control Vicki.”

“Briana was extremely concerned when she heard Brooks boasting about his threats to “beat” Vicki and called her a whore,” the source says.

As we previously reported, Ayers was caught on tape saying, “F*cking whore, imma [sic] f*cking beat her ass when i see her,” Brooks said. “It’ll be like a week when I see her, sh*t.”

“I’m going to be beat her ass,” Ayers continued in the tape, adding that Ryan should also “beat” Briana.

“When a man talks about beating a woman that is not something Briana takes lightly,” the source tells us. “Briana has never liked Brooks and she still doesn’t. She refers to him as creepy.”

“Anyone would be concerned after the recording was released. And that’s just what has been caught on tape,” the insider concludes.

Photo Credit: Bravo