Why Doesn’t Erika Girardi Like New RHOBH Star Dorit Kemsley?

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Girardi is back for her second season of the show and in a new interview, Girardi is revealing why she faces off with new Housewife Dorit Kemsley in Hong Kong, as seen in the season’s trailer.

“We were in Hong Kong … and Dorit has very strong feelings about me,” Girardi told TooFab. “And that was my response to her talking about how she feels about me.”

“You know, I get asked this question, ‘What problem do you have with Dorit?’ and my answer is, ‘I don’t, she has a problem with me,'” Girardi added.

“It’s going to take you one hundred weeks to get there, but you’ll see [laughs],” Erika teased. “Stay tuned, hun.”

Although they might not always get along, Erika says she believes both Dorit and Eden Sassoon are great additions to the cast this year.

“I think they both have a lot to offer,” she said. “They’re both strong personalities and you know, they’re going to show you who they are.”

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34 Replies to “Why Doesn’t Erika Girardi Like New RHOBH Star Dorit Kemsley?”

  1. Team Erika ❤️❤️❤️ Dorit kinda lost me when she told her assistant ‘cancel the meeting with Andrea Bocelli’ , hmmm really you little snob ??? 🙂 but I’m still willing to give her a chance inspite of her name dropping. She’s trying too hard

    1. The name dropping is too much. Dorit also had to say she had no budget…not spending limits. Nice.
      Boy George lives with her and her husband is quite fine with that. Somehow, I think maybe there is more to this story. Maybe not, though. I do wonder.
      I love Andrea Bocelli, and that killed me when she said that…a lot.
      I am no fan of Dorit. Also, I don’t love Erika, as you know based on last year mostly. From the start her alliance with Yo was over the top, and she came onto the show despising Lisa V, from what I saw, anyway. I hated that she had to bring up Yolanda too…well, the girls did. I just want Yo to stay away…not her fan, either, sorry.
      Well, the fake accent is annoying when Dorit uses it too. Not a fan so far. I am interested in seeing the part time Housewife, Eden.

      1. Hi, Rain. I thought she said “we are going to skip Andrea Bocelli” ….. meaning I thought, they had an invitation to see a performance and decided against it. Either way that was def. a name drop though, after last years private performance with Yo and David at the restaurant. That was an unnecessary sentence, minus to make sure everyone knew she has the “what for’ to “skip” Bocelli. It certainly does say a little about her. But also, I know it must be hell coming into a show like this and not fading into the background like Kathryn did, no matter how hard she tried to prove how rich and important they were. Being a friend of Lisa’s and Ken’s never hurts, but she still has to hold her own, so we’ll see. xoxo

        1. You could be right 3Ds and maybe I misheard . And yes I said in another comment that maybe she’s nervous about being on camera for the first time . I am keeping an open mind about her. A lot to HW has said silly or stupid stuff 🙂 . I just like a little humility in people . LVP is humble even though she’s very accomplished, I don’t Think I’ve heard her name drop once. I find Erika humble and sweet and doesn’t deny her past of being a waitress , I can tell she appreciates what she has and is grateful

          True, being LVPs friend is a big plus. But as I posted yesterday, her quick liking of Eileen , inspite of LVP giving her the background, may prove that she’s thirsty . Just like Kelly (Meghan’s friend ???) became vickis friend. Too early to tell but a great start for the show xoxo. If we know anything about HW , it’s that friendships are forever shifting . Wasn’t Kathryn allegedly Rinnas friend?? LOL

          LOVE YOU 3DS ❤️❤️❤️Hope the holidays are treating you well xoxo

      2. Oh yes I know most people’s feelings about Erika lol ❤️❤️❤️ But Dorit (so far) is a bit much . And reading Edens ‘confessional’ about giving blow jobs is also a bit much . There is a big difference between owning your sexuality and needless over sharing

        One of the things I love about Erika is her humility . She’s humbled that boy George even knows her. Contrast that to cancelling Andrea Bocelli .. lol
        I have a feeling Erika will grow on you !! Mentioning Yo is like mentioning Kim , producer talking points !!! Xoxoxo

        1. Erika has grown on me I hope it continues but really not sure about the two newbies. One is a name dropping snob the other is classless! Even though I haven’t seen Eden yet from her thread yesterday I’m not sure I want to!

          1. Hi Suze,
            I guess I missed that stuff about Eden too. Oh well, her dad probably made all the kids a bit nuts from what I was reading about him. He demanded perfection, especially in their looks. “If you don’t look good, we don’t look good,” was not just in his business, but his family too. He wanted them to look perfect. That could get to you, especially as a child growing up.
            Now, I just don’t know about the new additions. As for Erika…not in love with her, but I will try to like her more…try.

            1. If you don’t like Erika Sandy that’s fine you shouldn’t have to try to like someone! It was yesterday’s thread that has put me off Eden and I really am not sure about Dorit! So there we go we all like different people, we both like Lisa VP so that’s good! Also both don’t like the soap actresses! ( I refuse to call them stars!) xoxoxo

              1. I am off and on about Erika. I like the Girardi one. But as for the two newbies and the soap stars we are on the same page Suze and Sandy.

        2. Love Erika too. Okay, I get where you’re coming from now on Dorit. I’m still keeping an open mind. Maybe Dorit thinks to fit in in Beverly Hills she has to act this way. Time will tell. Dorit is probably jealous of Erika.

          I read Eden’s blog and she’s gross. That comment was disgusting. There is a thing as TMI and that went way over TMI. I agree with you, as always.

    2. Dorit, to me, is a cross between Camilla of the first season and Miss $25,000 Sunglasses. Trying waaaayyyy too hard. The thirst appears to be real.

    3. Anyone who has to tell people how rich, how fabulous their life is, and attempt to demonstrate their ‘celebrity status’, tells me they are trying waaaay too hard, to be believed. Those that possess ‘class’ do not have to declare it. It is an obvious possession.

  2. love Erica…. but I’m over the excess of their money being flashed in front of us. I know it’s Beverly Hills…. but show some class – this is directed at all of them… as someone said before ”money doesn’t buy you class”. Although I would like to find out for myself if it does or not – so I need to win the lottery!!!!

  3. I knew Erika wouldn’t like Dorit because of the simple fact that Dorit and Lisa Vanderpump are good friends. Erika has sided with Yolanda early on and now with Soapy and Sudsy, all who don’t like Lisa Vanderpump and are hopelessly jealous of the Queen of the show. What I find really fake is the way Kyle keeps running back and forth between the two groups, those who like Lisa (Dorit) and those who don’t and are jealous of her (Erika, Soapy, and Sudsy). Kyle is loyal only to herself. I just hope these jealous women don’t find a way to weasel in between Lisa and Dorit. They will try, no doubt. Kyle hates it when Lisa has a good friend. She wants that title. Kyle’s interview talking about Lisa shows how much of a backstabber she is. Team Lisa Vanderpump!!!

    1. I disagree completely. Lisa and Kyle were friends long before the show. Both have separate lives and friends. Kyle is the one person who always accepts new HW, and she does her best to be on good terms with everyone. I think that is a quality, and a difficult line to walk.

  4. I have to admit that Erika just might be growing on me. I could not STAND her last season due to her alliance with Yo. You all know how I feel about that crazy loon. I do think Erika likes the eternal $ a bit too much and likes to flash it around. She’s insecure, obviously. But I’ll give her a fresh start this season since the loon is gone.

    But this new one? Dorito? With the in-and-out accent? Please. This bugged me. Then her name-dropping. This bugged me. Then her discussing her staff. This bugged me. Then her canceling Andrea? This bugged me. Frankly, everything about Dorito bugs me. I cannot wait to watch her crash and burn.

    As for what I’ve read about Eden? I don’t like her already. As for blaming her father for her issues? There is a statue of limitations as to how long you can blame your parents for you being a drug addicted (and now allegedly sober), spoiled rotten brat.

  5. I didn’t like Dorit either she name dropped too much which is something the Beverly Hills housewives shouldn’t have to do since they all have money.

  6. I have tried to give them all a second season before my final decision as there have been so many I really couldn’t stand, and they are entering totally new territory. This franchise has nothing even close to it, so I believe they think whatever career they have might be ruined or maybe bettered depending on the job they do.

  7. Maybe Erika can spot a puppet a mile away? Dorit is clearly LVP’s wingman. Love Erika for it. Plus the fake accent doesn’t help being likable

  8. Erika doesn’t like Dorit bc she can see rt thru her. Can’t we all! I’m Not on anyones team! It’s utter nonsense! Dorit came in trying too hard. Ppl write abt LVP as if she’s perfect. She’s not she can be a real bitch as well. These women R just like all of us except they have lots of $$. I wud love to really knw them without it. All this is BS. I watch the show for entertainment&watch human behavior. They never fail 2 disappoint on how ugly women can be towards each other. And rarely how they can be forgiving when they fu_k up. It takes a real woman 2forgive& accept that she was wrong! Let’s not lose sight of that! I’m out. Peace!

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