Does Vicki Gunvalson Want to Be POTUS?

We have released the preview for season 13 of the Real Housewives of Orange County and in a new interview, Vicki Gunvalson is shocking fans with her possible future plans.

Vicki recently appeared on the Domenick Nati Show and says as much as she loves being in front of the camera on “her” show, she could be running the county one day.

“I have respect for my President and we got to embrace who is running our country,” she said adding that she can “run the world better than anyone else.” While it may not happen any time soon, Vicki revealed that she would always be up for getting into politics.”

As for her fight this season with Kelly Dodd, Vicki assures us that things will work out. “No, it got worked out. You have to see the season,” she said.

“She definitely got her feelings hurt and I had no idea that her feelings were getting hurt but you are going to see what happened and I think you are going to be surprised. Although, the audience might be divided on whose side they are on. At that time, I was really honoring and requesting one of my other friends and I did what I thought was right at that time,” she continued.

When asked what we can expect in season 13, Vicki says,  “Some of us get our feelings hurt and we all had issues but, for the most part, we ended up on a great season, everybody is friends and that is the most important thing,” she said.

Thanks to Meaww for the recap of Vicki’s interview.

I have to know what you guys think about Vicki’s plans to get into politics one day.


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