Does Meghan King Edmonds Want to Have a Baby With Jim Edmonds?


With a new year comes resolutions and it looks like for Real Housewives of Orange County star Meghan King Edmonds, expanding her blended family is a plan in 2016!

The reality star took to Twitter and posted, “Our resolution: spend every min possible with my best friend & to turn our family of 6 into 7! I love u @JimEdmonds!”

On the show, Meghan got heat from cast members when she said she wished she could be her step-children’s real mother, we hope she has one of her own. Her husband Jim Edmonds, a former MLB player, has four children from previous marriages.

Photo Credit: Bravo


17 Replies to “Does Meghan King Edmonds Want to Have a Baby With Jim Edmonds?”

  1. Oh goodness, now she can add her name to the baby mama roster. Jim seems very douche like to me. I just cant get over his douche attitude and her vindictive childish one.

  2. Is this clueless girl still flapping her gums?

    1) He’s already got two sets of kids from two different wives that he couldn’t be bothered to stick around for.

    2) Rumors have been circulating for years that he’s gay.

    3) He does not appear to like you.

    And from this, Meghan gets, “Let’s have a baby?” Wow, they really should require a license…

    1. Sadly, I think it’s her last ditch chance to hold on to him. It was pretty obvious he seemed over her last season.

  3. I understand that she wants a child and he is her husband (however unloving he appears), however, a child does not make the marriage better if was not the best to start off with, and the child is the one who is brought up with parents who are bickering, absent, etc, and Jim is far from the ideal father from what I have seen. Meghan will be kept busy, perhaps, while Jimmy is away. I do wish her luck with everything, knowing she may be all about her biological clock right now. At least the child will never want for the material things, and maybe Meghan will be happier. Jimmy…yuck.

  4. Meghan needs to mature first & be 100% assured that her marriage is on very solid ground. My take on this is that children should not have children just because they want to. Cuddle a baby doll.

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