Does Dina Manzo Miss Being On RHONJ? Did The Show Tear Apart Her Family?

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Former Real Housewife of New Jersey, Dina Manzo, found an old file on her computer full of pictures doing promotional shoots for Seasons 1 and 2 of RHONJ, and shared them with her Twitter followers this weekend. It got us wondering if Dina misses being on RHONJ? Dina posted the photo above on Instagram, and tweeted, “Shot of big daddy Andy w a few of his many, NeNe & Bethenny.”

Dina also reflected back on how much things have changed for her family since she appeared on RHONJ. We know Dina and Caroline have a very strained relationship, as well as Dina and her brother Chris Laurita, along with her sister-in-law Jacqueline. She tweeted, “weird to see how much things have changed since that photo was taken..I always wonder what things would be like if housewives never happened.”






When Dina said she wondered what things would be like if RHONJ never happened, it got us wondering the same thing. Would she and Caroline have the same close relationship they did before the show? Would Dina still have a relationship with her brother Chris? It has been reported that the show is what interfered and what caused the Manzo/Laurita Family Feud. It seems like Dina is asking herself the same questions…

Do YOU think RHONJ strained the family’s relationships?

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5 Replies to “Does Dina Manzo Miss Being On RHONJ? Did The Show Tear Apart Her Family?”

  1. The reasons Dina left the show and her family relationships soured were;
    1 she didn’t want to film w/danielle
    2 Jaco was secretly sending FALSE information about Dina and her ladybug charity to a blogger – LynnInChicago – which really caused Dina much havic and humiliation. I remember because I was reading the blog avidly as news would break! Then Jaco got busted for her evil LIES and the blogger was very hurt and angry as was all her readers. Dina felt Caroline was disloyal for not defending her against Jac on this. Same with Chris. This was my first glimse of how evil and manipulative Jaco could be and I have watched her unravel since!

  2. Dina needs to get down off that high horse of hers. She just doesn’t like it that the show became more popular after she left and her show on HGTV sucks ass.

  3. Pinky, great observation on why Dina doesn’t talk to Caroline and Quacko Wacko Jacko! I always thought that it was because Tommy her husband did not want to film and her exhusband did not allow Lexi to be filmed either. Bravo then said no-go and Dina asked Caroline and Jacko to stand behind her and not sign contracts until Bravo agreed to just film Dina. This version never made sense to me, yours totally does!

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