Do Gretchen Rossi & Alexis Bellino Make Up?


In this preview for the next episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County Alexis Bellino and Gretchen Rossi come face to face for the first time since their friendship ended. Bellino and Rossi have not talked one-on-one since their friendship fell apart and in this scene, they search for resolution.

“I thought we were so close,” Alexis tells Gretchen. “Something that Tamra or nobody could touch.” Gretchen replies, “She [Tamra] didn’t.” An emotional Alexis tells Gretchen, “But… you weren’t the same. You pulled away, you became mean and it’s been really hard. And I had nobody last year, nobody. I was on an island.”

“It’s all about her and her being hurt,” Gretchen says in her interview. “I feel like she’s not giving me any reason to want to make amends and make this friendship work right now.”

“I felt like you did have me as your friend,” Gretchen tells Alexis. “And then when you started questioning me, that’s what started to put the rift between us.”

“I was such a loyal friend through and through with you,” Alexis tells Gretchen. “When everybody else was not liking you and talking bad about you and didn’t want to be your friend, I was there for you nonstop and I just felt like our friendship just kept going downhill. In Costa Rica, I just felt completely stabbed in the back.”

“I remember how much that night I kept saying, ‘She has such a good heart, you guys need to look at it from this point of view. I know what her intention is, it’s coming across wrong.’ But you questioned my true intentions and where my heart really was and that devastated me. Because, as you said you thought we were better friends, and I thought we were better friends too,” Gretchen admits.

“Sorry this is a two way street,” Gretchen vents in her interview. “I’ve already apologized to her. I don’t think I owe Alexis anything else!”

“I was the furthest thing from a bully to you,” Gretchen tells Alexis. “I was mad at you and I was frustrated, but I don’t want to fight with you anymore.”

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6 Replies to “Do Gretchen Rossi & Alexis Bellino Make Up?”

    Social climbing backstabbing bitch who can never ever say she was wrong or apologize . Look at tat stare she gives u
    It says ; I’m not a mean girl & did All those backstabbing moments because I care so much 4u. WHY DID SHE CHOOSE TO MEET W/U AFTER TAMRA DUMPED HER LYING ASS?? Because she’s Is on the verge of being let go, who’s gonna film w/HER IF no1
    Likes her!! She really proved to me WAT a selfish woman she is wen all tat drama went down w| slades son, I never heard her say 1 comment about anything she’s done 4 the boy, or tell slade u should be w\UR SON , cause she’s selfish if she wanted a baby so bad why isn’t she pregnant by now, I CAN HEAR CLOCK TICKING NOW FR NJ. Please bravo get rid of her, Alexis I loved U said, U WISHED GREEDY GRETCHEN EAT HER OWN MAKEUP SO SHE BE PRETTY ON THE INSIDE,really funny, but she still be ugly!

  2. Lex is my favorite! i Luv the OC! Gretchen is being needie this season.she was aweful and not loyal 2 Lex last season.she needs 2 say sorry and stop acting like she was the victim.Lex was a great friend 2 she and Slade period! Gretchen own some wrong girl and stop lieing.your ratings are dropping,get it together.Lex watch your back U are the kind soul of the OC! Gretchen is coming off as insecure.Vicki Tamra Heather and LEX I hope U 4 come back forsure.i heard Gretchen and Lex made up at Tamras wedding,who knows.

  3. Gretchen is currently finding out how it feels to “be on an island” like she deserves, and I have zero sympathy for her. She made some really bad choices and now she has to live with the shame and isolation. Oh, Gretchen claims to be just fine with her man by her side and that’s great for her — after all, I’m sure Slade has perfected the art of washing her panties and hosing off her face everynight just the way she likes it…its not like he has a job or anything.

  4. I wish so bad trashy tamra gets hers back. She planned to cause trouble between Alexis and Gretchen. Called her Jesus jugs. Then tamra wasn’t friends with Gretchen anymore. Lol. Hope ppl now can see this and for terry and heather. Nothing can make them look better either.

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