Do Bethenny Frankel & Jason Hoppy Have A Prenup?

Bethenny Frankel

Sunday, Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy announced their split. After weeks of rumors the couple was on the verge of filing for divorce, fans were sad to learn the rumors were true. Bethenny sold her Skinnygirl cocktail line to Jim Beam in 2011 for $120 million. Now, everyone is wondering if the Real Housewife of New York turned business mogul signed a prenup?

Yes, Bethenny and Jason do have a prenup that waives Jason’s rights to any of Bethenny’s Skinnygirl fortune. “The prenup clearly outlines that all of Bethenny’s business deals, endorsements, Skinnygirl, are hers,” an insider tells RadarOnline. “The prenup was modified after the couple got married, but Skinnygirl is and always will be Bethenny’s, and Jason waived any rights to it.”

In April, B took home a $25 million bonus because sales of her cocktails. Sales soared 400 percent in a year and it was reported she took home $12 million in 2012 alone. But in addition to profits from Skinnygirl, Bethenny is also raking in money from her best-selling books, daytime talk-show, and many other business ventures.

Even though Bethenny and Jason DO have a prenup, it is still unclear what exactly Hoppy will receive in the split.

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4 Replies to “Do Bethenny Frankel & Jason Hoppy Have A Prenup?”

  1. No surprised at all. Bethany is defin. Not the married type, she only want success in her life but she is so fd up that she will never be truly happy. Its very sad for jason who was a supportive husband and got steamrolled from bethany. Oneday bethany will realize what she had. I wish them happiness especially bryn.

  2. Chrissy, I don’t agree at all. No one knows what goes on behind the scenes and when the cameras are off. Bethany has said that Jason can be a completely different person when there are no cameras and puts her down and says horrible things. Bethany is the type of person who seems to put her complete self out there for fans to see whether its the good, the bad, or the ugly. I don’t think Jason is like that and keeps his negative side (which we all have at one time or another) hidden until the cameras are gone, so it just looks like it’s only Bethany with the problems. At least she was taking steps to fix herself by going to therapy, but Jason didn’t seem to be willing to try serious ongoing therapy for their marriage. I don’t think it’s fair to put everything on Bethany.

  3. I completely agree w/u Brittany. I watched B since she hit the tv screens. Everybody has their faults but B was always real, raw & true to herself. Jason on the other hand was secretive & verbally abusive. @times I’d catch him slip during filming. I support Bethany 100%!!!

    1. I agree 100 percent w/u Tatiana. I too have watched B since she hit the big screens. Everyone does come with faults and different up bringing. I felt like bethenny really loved Jason and they shared so many great moments and down one’s also. I feel Jason started to push B into a corner with his family at first it was so sweet of the couple to want to name the baby after his brother. I think B became frustrated with the pushing for more and more holidays,family time and how often his family need to be apart of their newly everything. B tried to go with the flow at first,like any newlywed. But I saw the change in Jason when B spoke to her counselor and informed he that Jason has been cold and stand off lately,when Dr.asked has something changed she said yes, some women advise B to get a postnuptrial and he things I would @#$& over b cried I would never do that to Jason. Lastly when they was going on plane he was so upset yelling the driver got out of car so the could hash it out he said you are just like her (her mom) Bethany lost it.Jason started being nasty to her,the staff everyone.

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