Disgruntled Employee Demands $5 Million From Lisa Vanderpump


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump is trying to make a lawsuit filed by a disgruntled employee go away. According to TMZ, Karina Bustillos filed suit … claiming a manager at Villa Blanca tried to kiss her, called her a “c***,” and violently grabbed her wrists. Bustillos says she complained to Vanderpump … who refused to do anything about it.

Lisa tried to settle the suit from going to trial by offering Bustillos $40,000, but Karina is seeking $5 million!

Vanderpump tells TMZ the suit is ridiculous. The woman is an out-of-work actress who has admitted in her deposition she’s been fired several times; once for drinking on the job. And Vanderpump says, contrary to Bustillos’ allegations, it’s already been established Lisa knew nothing about the accusations until the case was filed.

Lisa says the manager involved has NEVER had a complaint filed against him and has worked for her for years. Vanderpump says she fully investigated and there’s no evidence the manager did anything wrong.

Photo Credit: Bravo


3 Replies to “Disgruntled Employee Demands $5 Million From Lisa Vanderpump”

  1. Seems like the cockroaches keep coming out of the woodwork (since “vanderpump” ) became successful—–every week it’s someone new trying to earn a buck off ridiculous allegations……

  2. 5 million is ridiculous. However, if Lisa Vanderpump investigated, and didn’t find any inappropriate behavior, why did she offer to settle the suit for $40k? There must be something to the claims, otherwise every waitress at her restaurants could make an easy 40k and move on to a different job. It’s just a server job, and there are a bazillion restaurants in LA for out of work actresses.

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