Dina Manzo’s Return To RHONJ: Not Happy With Bravo’s Editing!

Former Real Housewife of New Jersey, Dina Manzo, returned to the drama on Sunday’s episode to support her friend, Teresa Giudice as she launched her Fabellini wine. While Dina’s appearance was brief, she tweeted what really happened during her scene with Teresa. “hmmm this is weird, most of my convo was about T & her brother, giving her advice about them not speaking. But they’ve got them speaking at this point….I went to this party on the last day of filming…after the fashion show.” … “I don’t know…I’m so confused…Teresa told me no one was there to support her & they weren’t speaking at that point.”

Dina continues to tweet during the show, “No I don’t think T was lying AT ALL, just think this was filmed after the reunion as an extra scene~see how much I didn’t get involved?” … “Oh their cuttin the sh@@ up…grrrr I should have known better…I made that comment when she was talking about her & Joe. It is what it is” … “I’m not even going to bother tweeting anymore…I begged them not to be mic’d but was there to support her because she always supports me” … “I’m reading your tweets…mixed. No one knows MY whole story & they never will. I keep it quiet & would LOVE for all to get along.”

Family members like Jacqueline Laurita have questioned why Dina chose to film with Teresa but hasn’t been supportive of her own family, for example, her newphew’s BLK launch party. We know Dina and sister Caroline have a feud going on, and it seems like Bravo edited what Dina said about Teresa and Joe Gorga to make it look like she was badmouthing her own sister, Caroline.

What did you think of Dina’s comeback? Do you think Bravo edited it to make Dina look bad?

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3 Replies to “Dina Manzo’s Return To RHONJ: Not Happy With Bravo’s Editing!”

  1. Bravo just wants everyone to hate Teresa because they know how strong she is. About Dina feel bad for her because Bravo is just very hateful and want everyone now to hate Dina. What a shame

  2. Dina will regret her relationship with T. as does everyone eventually. I can’t imagine why she is friends with T. I guess it’s true that water seeks its own level.

  3. Good luck Dina I dont think there is a resolution wiyh Caroline unless you hate on Tre.Caroline claims your friendsip is parallel to whay hers is to the Walkies and Gorgas, not even close you have been friends with Tre for 15 yrs.and God mother to her child , how well does she know these people, obviously not at all. caroline needs to always be right even win every silly contest with Treand trys to put down Tre down for being competitive and every thing is about her winningin turn equals jealousy.they are all being evil together any oppurtunity. on the reunion Andy praised Gia they couldnt even give her that without figgiting (Mlissa with her hai J Gorga moving around jac commenting on the kid saying hooker, like every one elses kids never repeated an inappropiate word. then Andy said is Gino alot like Milana and she seemed to be mocking her own son saying hes a Gorga taking no responsabilityfor his actions,only to put down tre once again.Even rich refused to participate in the rope contes so Tre wouldnt win such jealousy.Dina and Tre together are not involved in this noncence to break one person and they all claim to not attack or bully her.its discusting.dina is the only one who is respectfull and is her own person Dinas loyalty to Tre holds her credibility,I dont think Dina would stand up for the looser they all portray her to be.She went to Dinas house after Jac and Car attacked her because they are close friends and could relate.caroline expected her famil to fight for her at the hot tub , she said she fought her own battle alone dah. Jac said at the hieght of Dina andCaroline dramaTre became friendly what about Jac and tre drama and Jac is all over Melissa and her telling jac Tre said she hated Jac and after the trip yhey all ratted what tre told them in confidence. i thought Mellisa was suppose to be all making nice to her husbands family hmm,and who had motive to set Tre up to look bad .the whole issue of Melissa being exposed as astripper gave her more exposerand attention why not hav Tre look like the villian all she needed to do is denie it besides its already been asubject on show .Now look at all the magazines she is asked to be on like Tre dont see her turning it down and all the sources they claim sound like her words. tThe others better beware she is the one who will step on any one for fame shes very shady and all her lies are beginning to surface.Tre knew the characters of her family and why she was afrai she would manipulate Tres friends for her own ,that why she asked her friends to not be friends with Melissa,. she knew this would be the result.Every one loves to portray her as stupid because of her grammer(others arnt always on target themselves ant got was just spoken by another at the reunion while yelling and also when Melissa pushed Tre she twisted it backwards again as she does often, told Tre now act like a lady and all of them said the f word some repeadit;y and comon thier offended at the c word.Eery other sentence is aconterdiction , hippocrates and lies.absolutely it is editing Dinas words.

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