Dina Manzo’s Boyfriend Kenny Arena To Star In Her Off-Broadway Show


As we previously reported, Dina Manzo, who will be returning to this season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, is dating Kenny Arena. Although Dina is separated and not divorced from Tommy Manzo, a source revealed she is dating Arena. “Dina may not be divorced but Kenny Arena and her are dating and they have been,” a source revealed. “They are a couple.”

Now, thanks to RealityTea, we have more details of Dina and Kenny’s relationship. The site points out a tweet from Dina that was posted last October. “So anyway…. he’s my BFFNOT my BF (boyfriend)! It’s great to have a best friend who can fix things, lift heavy stuff & be an awesome wedding date! #luckygirl,” she wrote.

The site also reveals that Arena will be starring in the Off-Broadyway production My Big Gay Italian Funeral, which is produced by Manzo herself and will be debuting later this month.


Photo Credit: Bravo/Instagram


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  1. Dina announced again that Kenny is her gay best friend. Idk why these bloggers keep insisting they’re dating when she already said they weren’t

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