Dina Manzo Victim Of Violent Home Invasion

Former RHONJ star Dina Manzo and her boyfriend, David Cantin, were victims of a home robbery, according to a report by NBC News.

The incident took place in Holmdel, New Jersey after the couple reportedly walked into their home on Saturday night to find two masked robbers already inside. The robbers then rushed towards them before punching Dina and assaulting David with a baseball bat. The two were reportedly left with facial injuries but are expected to be OK. The robbers stole cash and jewelry and bound the couple together. NBC News sources confirmed it was Dina and David who were the victims.

Dina now lives in California, but was in New Jersey to celebrate her goddaughter Audriana Giudice’s First Communion.

Celebrating my Audriana’s 1st communion. 🙏❤️

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From east to west coast always nothing but love love love @dinamanzo Love you❤️

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The Holmdel Township Police Department also described the violent attack in a statement.

“Police responded and determined that two victims, a 37-year-old male and a 46-year-old female, were arriving home when they opened the front door of the residence and began to enter,” the department reported.

“As they entered the residence, two individuals, who were already inside the home, rushed towards them. The male victim was struck several times with a baseball bat by one of the assailants. The female victim was punched multiple times by the other assailant. The two victims were then bound together within the home.”

“Both assailants had their faces covered during the attack and robbery,” the report continued. “After the victims were bound, the two assailants stole personal property from the victims, including cash and jewelry, and fled the scene.”

Cantin freed himself and called police, who launched an inestigation with the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office.

“Both victims were subsequently taken to a local hospital for treatment,” the statement concluded. “The male suffered significant facial injuries, including a broken nose. The female was also treated for facial injuries. Both have been released.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with Dina and Dave.

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11 Replies to “Dina Manzo Victim Of Violent Home Invasion”

  1. This is sad and scary news, but wasn’t she living in sunny So Cal? I guess she moved back to NJ. Is this a new boyfriend?
    Holmdel is primarily a town of the very wealthy and quite safe. This is out of the ordinary. I wish them well.

      1. I was confused since she was in a home invasion and it sounded like it was her home that was involved. It was all over the news here in NJ too.

  2. How horrible for Dina. Hope she realizes her family is there if she wants their support. I truly believe Caroline Manzo loves her sister and would be there in a heartbeat if Dina allowed it.

  3. Good Lord, I am no fan of Dina at all, but I am very sorry to see this happen to her and her man. This had to be traumatizing, especially as she was just in town for a First Holy Communion. Someone knew she was in town…very frightening.

  4. sad wonder who they pissed off that the robbers were waiting for them to come home to jersey to beat them Sorry love or hate Jim and Amber they know shit … sorry Dina I have never liked her sorry she and man got hurt we do reap what we sow Dina is a shady lady fake charity that never did anything with the money raised went to lawyers and costs of party and Dina’s shoes the Brownstone can not possibly be making all these people as rich as they are I believe it is mob tied they just got smarter and can hide things better

    Just Sayin’

  5. How awful for both of them. What a home invasion seems to do is invade one’s peace of mind for a long time. We should always be safe in our home. Well, in a perfect world, we should be safe, period. It is such a violation of personal space, what they have touched, these strangers, I would wash everything I owned or have it cleaned in case they touched it.
    If you read this, Dina, I wish peace to you, from a long time fan. We don’t know you, except what you shared by being in the cast of the reality show. For me, though, I feel personally insulted that you, or anyone would be treated so viciously and hit in the face by a ( man/woman? ) Taking some self defense courses helps some women to feel less vulnerable. ☮

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