Dina Manzo Throws Graduation Party For Daughter Lexi, Teresa Attends, Caroline And Jacqueline Do Not


This weekend Real Housewives of New Jersey star Dina Manzo celebrated her daughter Lexi’s graduation with a party, and RadarOnline is reporting that Dina’s sister Caroline Manzo and sister-in-law Jacqueline Laurita were not invited.

“Caroline Manzo was not there and neither was Jacqueline Laurita,” a party guest tells Tom Murro. “But Teresa Giuidice was there and she looked like she was having a great time.”

As we previously reported, Dina is estranged from her sister Caroline and brother Chris Laurita.

But the guest said Lexi’s graduation party was drama free.

“Dina was so happy and in her element,” the insider said. “She seemed so proud of Lexi and she and Teresa were happily chatting. The whole night was perfect and thankfully there wasn’t any family drama at all.”



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10 Replies to “Dina Manzo Throws Graduation Party For Daughter Lexi, Teresa Attends, Caroline And Jacqueline Do Not”

  1. Good for Dina and Lexi! I’m sure she didn’t invite them to keep the family drama at bay. The party was for Lexi and Dina didn’t want anything to get in the way of that.

  2. By not inviting Carolyn and Chris, the party wasn’t exactly “drama free”. This speaks volumes about Dina–what a bi$ch.

  3. One Rotten Egg I agree with you. Dina is the one who drove this family apart by aligning herself with a low life thief and she is depriving her daughter of a family. Remember Dina mooched off of and lived with the Al Manzo family for quite awhile when going through a rough patch. Dina is an ungrateful leech.

  4. Idk which family feud is worst Dina’s or Teresa’s. Although Teresa and Melissa have patched things up, it seems as though Dina is pretending like Caroline and Chris disappeared.

  5. SO happy Dina is back! Caroline & family was such a bore. I would always fast-forward though all of their scenes. Good riddance them and welcome back DIna!

  6. Was Dina invited to Lauren’s wedding? Maybe this is payback. Either way, the feud will never end. Sad….

  7. dina is a pathetic excuse for a human being ! how she could keep her daughter from knowing and loving her family ! so disgusting ! dina needs to learn that nothing comes before family ! maybe instead of worrying about being a witch she should be praying to God for forgiveness of her mean spirit and heart ! and to mend their family ! man i cant even stand to read this womans name. dont watch this show dont care to

    1. You do not know the situation with Dina’s family (nor do I). Sometimes family is toxic and you have to protect your children from that. It is nothing anybody wants to do but sometimes it is necessary. I do not like Dina nor do I agree with her decision to associate with criminals but I cannot fault her for distancing herself from, what she feels is, a bad situation.

  8. Dina isn’t the kind of sister I would want, and that she prefers the company of a liar and a thief over family only proves what kind of person she is.

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