Dina Manzo Talks Being Single, Admits She Fears Being Naked In Front Of A Man


Real Housewives of New Jersey star Dina Manzo is opening up about what it’s like being single again, after announcing her separation from Tommy Manzo last year. “Everything that I know is going away,” Dina says in the latest issue of US Weekly, adding that she is up for the challenge.

“When I pictured myself 40-something, this was not what I was expecting,” Dina admits. “The last time I had to get naked in front of a guy, I was 28 years old…There’s definitely anxiety around that.”

But Dina also admits she’s “transformed so much” and has a real focus on her spirituality.

“For the past 18 years my priorities have been wife and mother first, so there’s kind of like a shift in all of that,” Dina says, revealing that her daughter Lexi will is leaving home for college. “It’s the end of an era as a mom. Now I just have to worry about my f—ed-up pets.”

“I’m cool with it… I really am,” Dina says.

Viewers can see Dina how handles the changes in her life when the new season of RHONJ premieres on Bravo July 13th.

Photo Credit: Bravo