Dina Manzo Speaks About Jacqueline & Chris Laurita’s Autistic Son Nicholas


The three part Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion is set to air this Sunday and RumorFix is reporting details to a very sensitive subject… claims that Dina Manzo has never acknowledged her autistic nephew Nicholas Laurita.

A source tells the site, “The host Andy Cohen asked Dina ‘Do you see Nicholas?’ to which she replied, ‘No. I’ve never met him.’”

“Andy continued prying, asking, ‘I thought he had autism?’ Dina answered back, saying, ‘Yeah but he’s making progress every day. She’s [Jacqueline] in an area that has a lot of resources, so it’s not that bad.’”

Sources say the other cast members looked shocked by Dina’s answers and Andy continued.

“Do you think you’re ever going to meet him?” to which Dina claimed, “No. I’ll just love him in my own way.”

Dina responded to RF’s story on Twitter, writing, “Now that’s disgusting to omit what I really said~Children & parents r off limits to this BS & I know ur source that makes it worse.”

Preview the reunion below.

Do you find Dina’s comments shocking?

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25 Replies to “Dina Manzo Speaks About Jacqueline & Chris Laurita’s Autistic Son Nicholas”

  1. So much for all that Zen? Guess she’s only a loud & proud advocate when the sick or struggling child is NOT part of her family! Queen of Zen? More like queen of hypocrites (oh & a great professor of tampon insertion).☺

  2. I think Dina is a selfish person who is only worried about her own hurt feelings. She has absolutely no compassion for her brother and the problems he has with his son (who is also her own flesh and blood nephew).. She has a nasty mouth and only worries about herself! I really hope she doesn’t come back next season. She brings nothing to the show except her own petty fears !

  3. If this ever does air, it will be on the “never before seen footage” episode–ha ha ha…Bravo can sure milk it.

  4. Does a “not acknowledged nephew” have a familiar ring to it? (As in D. S. / Teresa reunion antics)
    I’m torn btw suspicion that Bravo is playing me and wondering what the laws are in NJ re: commitment to psyche hospital for Jac .

  5. Dina loves Dina and no one else. She is disgusting and very very cold. Never see any emotion in those shark eyes. Yuck.

    1. I agree Aunt Bee!! She doesn’t love anyone except for herself! Well, that and maybe her “beloved closet of shoes”. I think she only came back this season #1 to stir up trouble #2 to be back in the spotlight because of all of Tre’s legal problems but lastly and most important…#3 she came back for that almighty dollar! I think the reason we can’t see emotion in her eyes is that she’s a sociopath and her face is botoxed 6 ways from Sunday! Plastic doesn’t move well! lol


  7. SHe is one angry woman…… Never mind her relationship with her brother that is beside the point. TO not meet her nephew and recognize his autism and then throw out a totally IGNORANT comment like “It’s not that bad” is just down right evil. She is obviously listening to someone discussing Nicholas wonder who that is (TERESA).
    DIna moving to be closer to her daughter is just sickening. Let the girl grow and be away from mommy’s breast. Lexi seems like she is a kind of a loner (I don’t know this for sure but just my opinion)
    DIdn’t Juicy stupid moron say the same thing when he said Autism is not that bad it can be cured, MORON!!!
    DIna and Tre deserve each other because they are both dumb as dirt and have no concern for anyone but themselves…… Dina your a pig.

    1. Boy do I agree with you, Melodie! Dina is clinging to her daughter in a way that cripples her daughter’s growth and makes her responsible for her mother, instead of the other way around. And she has no understanding (or concern) for the very difficult and heart breaking situation her brother has over his child.

    2. Elsewhere some are saying she probably moved into Lexi’s dorm. Can just imagine all that Home Good/TJ Maxx merchandise cluttering the room & common areas. ☺

    1. America/pray, What an insensitive and ridiculous comment! Whether that child is on or off camera there is no doubt the struggles that child goes through and will continue to go through along with his parents. I don’t know if you have kids, but I can’t imagine not understanding the heartbreak for that family.

  8. I am sorry but what a BITCH for saying “it’s not that bad”. WOW! Autism is devastating to many parents and children. Early intervention is key for the best outcome, but dismissing or diminishing the seriousness of this disease Autism is a slap in the face to many, and is quite offensive.

    1. I can only imagine her comment “it’s not that bad” implies that he’s not dying! Queen of Zen & advocate for sick/struggling kids → NOT.

  9. Yeah… I’m going to believe it only after I see her say those words on the reunion episodes. It would take a truly heartless and stupid person to say something so horrible on national television.

    However, I totally believe attention-whore, crazy Jacqueline and her daughter are more than capable of spewing such lies. Whether Dina is the source of the problems or not, Jacqueline is crossing some major family decency lines by baring all on social media. Not to mention allowing herself to be taped having a reaction to Teresa’s sentencing and making the whole thing about her…. I used to like her, but have become supremely grossed out.

    Dina’s not perfect, but I truly doubt she’d say or even believe something like that.

  10. “Dina Manzo Speaks About Jacqueline & Chris Laurita’s Autistic Son Nicholas”

    🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

    ***Dina Manzo Speaks About Jacqueline & Chris Laurita’s Son With Autism, Nicholas***

  11. I don’t think Dina said those exact words, however, I don’t doubt that she’s ever met Nicholas ever either, since he isn’t even four and she has refused all contact eith Chris and Jaq for over four years. Pretty ironic she has such a big heart for kids she doesn’t know with her charity Project Ladybug, but her own nephew, suffering pretty badly from profound Autism is ignored completely. Namaste Nicholas.

  12. How dare this b*tch talk about a nephew she has never even met!! She obviously knows nothing about autism…it isn’t a disease or something that can be cured. Geez I can’t stand this woman.

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