Dina Manzo Says She Did Not Get Jacqueline Laurita Fired From RHONJ


More reports are stating that Dina Manzo had Jacqueline Laurita fired from The Real Housewives of New Jersey before she agreed to return to season 6. This time, a source tells In Touch magazine that Dina gave the network an ultimatum. “When Bravo told Dina that Caroline got a spin-off, Dina said, ‘Jacqueline has to go, too. It’s her or me,'” the source says of Bravo offering Dina a role on RHONJ.

Jacqueline addressed the reports with In Touch, stating, “I understand why Dina wouldn’t want me on the show: She doesn’t want to address family issues on-camera!”

And the burning question, what’s behind the family feud? An insider tells the magazine, “Dina started it because she wanted Caroline and Jacqueline to quit the show when she left [in 2010]. They didn’t, so this is her way of getting back at them.”

But as we previously, EXCLUSIVELY, reported, that isn’t what caused the feud in the family. “They were never close,” our insider explains of Jacqueline and Dina’s relationship. “Dina was good friends with Chris’ ex-fiance. Chris suddenly broke off the engagement and married Jacqueline, much to Dina’s surprise. Jacqueline has been accused of breaking up Chris’ engagement to Dina’s friend.”

Our insider reveals how being on the show was the final straw that started the family feud. “Jacqueline is always throwing jabs at Dina, remember the table flip?” our source recalls. “Jacqueline threw Dina under the bus about revealing the book about Danielle Staub. Jacqueline was smirking at Dina the whole time as Caroline was telling her the fighting was ‘killing their parents.’”

Our source continues, “After throwing Dina under the bus, Caroline stayed on the show with Jacqueline, and Dina felt like Caroline took Jacqueline’s side. Caroline justifies ‘supporting’ Jacqueline because she loves her brother, Chris, when everyone knows she stays on the show to get publicity for her children’s businesses.”

Dina took to Twitter after In Touch released their report stating that their information was NOT true. “ummm In Touch once again ur sources r so wrong down to my AGE!” she tweeted. “lol I’ll never understand why people want to hurt each other #hatemakesUugly”

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3 Replies to “Dina Manzo Says She Did Not Get Jacqueline Laurita Fired From RHONJ”

  1. Dina is a snob and I for one will not be watching her at all. She has her nerve saying she does not understand how people hurt each other. What the hell are you doing to your family Dina? Shame on you. And by the way putting your daughter on the show with cruel people who will tear her apart. Great mommy…… It’s all about the mighty buck for some.

  2. I have always liked Dina, she is a little bit hippish to me but I think she is a true beauty both inside and outside.. She is just more honest than the rest. Melissa is a high maintence “manufactured” beauty. And I really wish she would take singing and dancing lessons, if we are going to be subjected to her “performances” on the show. Welcome back Dina.. I love, love, love you and T together. You seem to be the only person on the show who really cares about Teresa and this is a time where she truly needs that care!! What a great friend you are!! Salute!!

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