Dina Manzo Says It Felt “Right” To Return To RHONJ


We were the first to tell you that Bravo was trying to hire Dina Manzo to return to season 6 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and now Dina is confirming the news on her Twitter account. “Well I guess the (hairless) cats out of the bag,” she wrote. “Yes I’m back, Unlike the past this time it felt “right” ~ See you on Bravo my friends xo.”

tweetAre you happy to Dina is returning to RHONJ? Vote below.

Are you happy to see Dina Manzo return to RHONJ?

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11 Replies to “Dina Manzo Says It Felt “Right” To Return To RHONJ”

      1. only1me – This site gives people the opportunity to express their opinions. Aunt Bee has the right to express how she feels (good, bad or indifferent) about the people that made the decision to be PAID to put their private lives out in public.
        While I doubt any of Housewives bother to read any of our comments if they do they should be ready for negative comments. I will add that Teresa Giudice obviously doesn’t read comments from this site or she would have crawled under a rock months ago.

    1. (Really late reply :O ) But I totally agree. If Caroline & Jacqueline were still there, I really don’t believe she’d be returning. Funny, she left because of Danielle & now …. Odd that it’s her own sister though.

  1. Remember Dina, Caroline and Jacqueline never said anything negative about you after you left so you better be very careful how you speak of them in the new season.

    1. Bravo choose to keep Teresa Giudice on the show so it will be the same crap it has been for years!!! Dina will just give Teresa another person to spread her hate!!! BOYCOTT BRAVO UNIL TERESA IS FIRED!!!!

  2. Hi again “only 1 me”. You are right, not too thrilled with some of the people on this show. I do like Lexi, think she is a little sweetheart. I have defended Teresa in this legal fight. I believe Joe is the real culprit. And as I told you before, I like Caroline and Al, Chris Laurita is a real gentleman, love all the Wakillis and Rosie. Obviously you have selective memory. Eat more candy, it will cheer you up.

    1. Stormy101 – Good for you! I myself have been having Bravo withdrawls but I refuse to continue to support a network that would employ the likes of Teresa Giudice.

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