Dina Manzo Reveals Teresa’s Table Flip Made Her Leave RHONJ


Former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Dina Manzo will appear on Oprah: Where Are They Now Sunday night to discuss answer questions fans have wanted to know for years. Dina shares what made her leave the show and she is said to touch on the feud with her siblings. It’s revealed that Dina doesn’t speak to 5 of her brothers and sisters, not just Caroline and Chris.

Dina explains that Teresa Giudice’s infamous table flip in the season 1 finale is what made her decide to leave the show. She says she was mortified and horrified to have her daughter witness the behavior. She was also shocked that after the screaming and yelling and Teresa flipping the table, they all were drinking at the bar together and laughing. She says she kissed her daughter, Lexi, on the head and told her not to be like any of them.

“At the very beginning of filming we had a lot of fun,” Dina admits. “Because they weren’t sure what direction the show was going into, it was before the table flip happened.” But she reveals that the table flip by her good friend sent the show in a different direction. “That kind of sent the show into a different direction… I think, the entire franchise into a different direction,” she shares. “When I went home at the end of the night and I was shaking instead of feeling inspired, I knew there was something wrong.”

Dina also shares that after she left the show, she freed herself from all of the cast members, including sister, Caroline Manzo, and sister-in-law, Jacqueline Laurita. Ironically, it is Teresa Giudice who Dina maintains a close friendship. She claims that Teresa came to her home and they spoke for hours which led to the continuation of their friendship.

It is also revealed that Caroline isn’t the only sibling Dina isn’t speaking to. A total of 5 of her brothers and sisters she currently has no contact with.

Dina’s special on OWN will air September 1st at 10/9C

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3 Replies to “Dina Manzo Reveals Teresa’s Table Flip Made Her Leave RHONJ”

  1. That, and the fact that she forged her ex husband’s signature to let her daughter on the show. Trash, just like her bestie that she’s throwing under the bus.

  2. I’m sorry, you might be the problem if there are five siblings you aren’t talking to. What is that teaching her daughter? That family is disposable, and rather than work thinks out you dump them.

  3. Anonymous said exactly what I am thinking. I thought there was something wrong with her long before I first saw her on RHNY. There was a special on her wedding to the Manzo brother and I thought was was a real gold digger. I feel sorry for her daughter.

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