Dina Manzo Returned To RHONJ So She Could Divorce A Cheating Tommy Manzo?


A lot of people were surprised to learn that Dina Manzo was returning to The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and according to a new report by RadarOnline, Dina was faced with a choice: go back to RHONJ where she can become financially independent, or stay with her allegedly cheating husband, Tommy Manzo.

“Dina signed because she had little choice,” the RHONJ insider tells Radar. “Here’s the thing, she wants to get a divorce from Tommy. They have a pre-nup that’s the size of a frigging phone book. If she divorces, she isn’t getting anything. She walks away with no house, nothing, so it’s either sign back with Bravo or you stay with the devil.”

Dina married Tommy in 2005, but announced their separation in 2012 due to his alleged indiscretions. “She’s caught him a number of times. It is disgusting,” the insider says of Tommy’s cheating.

The insider believes that once Dina takes off with RHONJ it won’t be long until she divorces Tommy. “That’s what I think,” the source says. “I think that’s one of the reasons she wants to do this and I don’t f****ing blame her. I would to do it.” Adding, “I’m proud that she would do something, even something she doesn’t like, to not be in a loveless marriage. Who wants that? I would rather [join].”

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  1. If yu ever watched the special on her wedding to Tommy, he admits in it that he cheated on her even after they were engaged. Her spending money on the wedding during that special was outrageous. Even Al was surprised. I believe she only married him for the financial security.

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