Dina Manzo Responds To Wendy Williams’ Comments!

Teresa Giudice went on The Wendy Williams Show and told Wendy she would love to do a cooking show!  Wendy said, “Nobody wants to watch Teresa in a cooking show.” Then Wendy brought up Dina Manzo, and how she left The Real Housewives of New Jersey to do her own show about party planning, ‘Dina’s Party.’  Wendy said it was a mistake on Dina’s part because nobody watches her show. Teresa responded saying, “I love her show,” and Wendy replied, “You’re the only one.”

Of course Dina caught wind of what Wendy said and is very hurt by her words. She took to her twitter to respond. Dina writes, “When I first went to Wendy’s show I gave her a diamond ladybug necklace that I PAID for & a bunch of other things~NEVER even got a thank you. So her Character was apparent then, always gracious to her & sad that she needs to say negative things to get noticed. THIS IS THE PROBLEM..” Dina continued,“Women should lift each other up, especially when they’re doing something positive….That’s a shame.”

Tell Us- Was Wendy wrong? What do you think of Dina’s response?

Photo Credit: Bravo