Dina Manzo Reacts To RHONJ Reunion!

On Part 3 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion, Dina Manzo’s name kept coming up, when she wasn’t there to defend herself. Dina’s siblings Caroline Manzo and Chris Laurita both claim that Teresa Giudice was involved in their strained relationship with their sister. You can read our EXCLUSIVE report on the sister’s feud here. And read what Dina was tweeting while watching the reunion below.

Tell Us- What’s your take on the Dina vs. Caroline and Chris feud? Do you blame Teresa?

Photo Credit: @dinamanzo



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  • donnalee

    My answer is that Dina was not happy with her brother Chris when he broke off an engagement with her friend to get with Jac after he cheated on her friend with Jac. I think we RHONJ started, she tried to get over it BUT Jac was friends with Danielle who Dina did not like. And Jac fights with Dina over the book. Jac gets pregnant so Dina is supportive but one can tell she is not close with Jac. I think Dina figured out a long time ago that Jac is not right in the head. We all know that Dina left and asked Caroline to leave the show also, not only did Caroline say NO but she stayed on to control Jacqueline’s every move. Caroline was off when she claimed that Teresa had Dina come to the Fabellini Party to talk about Caroline. Teresa told Dina what was in the book and Dina said it was no reason for Caroline to be acting the way she was. It was a two minute convo. They did not talk about Caroline the whole night. So it’s no wonder that things are even worse now. There is no way that Caroline or Chris or even Andy should have talked about Dina at all at the Reunion. Teresa did not talk about her except to say she had nothing to do with why Dina does not speak to Caroline or Chris. DOH Caroline and Chris, maybe it’s because you are on the show still causing trouble!

  • Tammy Styles

    Dina needs to grow up, and her posts on twitter are not mature. Caroline and Chris spoke from their hearts. Dina let it go and reconnect with them, at least hear what they have to say. So sad you went to twitter to post those remarks.

  • Brittany

    TERESA AND DINA AND DANELLE are being protrayed as the bad GALS!!!!

  • Sylvia

    Dina Manzo – It would be nice if you came back to the show and would be nice if you and your sister Caroline and brother Chris all got along… no grudges…Deena you are very, very pretty.