Dina Manzo Living With Boyfriend Dave Cantin In Beverly Hills


Dina Manzo, 43, won’t be returning to season 7 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, because she’s living with her younger-millionaire boyfriend David Cantin, 35, in California.

“Dina is in California with her man,” a source close to the couple revealed. “She’s not moving back to New Jersey.”

The source shared that the couple spent the summer in a beautiful Malibu beach rental and after Cantin moved Dina into a home in Beverly Hills. “She was living in Malibu and then they moved into a rental in Beverly Hills,” the insider told RadarOnline. “Now they are living together in their new rental house.”


So what about Dina’s home in New Jersey we saw on the show? “Tommy owns that house and she isn’t getting it in the divorce,” the source explained. “They had a pre-nup, so she had to walk away with nothing.”

But Dina is still able to keep her luxurious lifestyle, including an apartment in New York City. “David is a millionaire,” the source said. “She’s not working, and he is paying all of her bills. Dina flies back and forth to NYC. And the boyfriend pays for her daughter Lexi’s apartment in the city.”

“She has no interest in Housewives, especially with her new situation with her new man,” the source said. “She films videos from home for fun, and he just pays for everything. She’s living the high life!”

Photo Credit: Bravo

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I always like Dina and thought Lexi a beautiful girl. In my opinion It’s a shame she isn’t coming back to NJ and also Is he really only 35 he looks older than her in this photo. It’s also hard to believe she is Caroline’s sister!

I’m going to miss her too. She is Tre’s only real friend and I bet she will miss Dina the most.

He is only 35? I have not researched him anywhere, other than he owned and sold a big car dealership in NJ. Was he married? Does he have any children? He still wants to be bicoastal and he is paying for Lexi to stay in her own place in NYC too? Dina must be doing something right. This guy is over the top with all that he is giving her. I wonder how she does it.

Sandy if we looked like her it might work for us as well!

I liked Dina, wish she was coming back to RHONJ. Though I expected more of her return to the show last season and she didn’t add much.

Well, she better get all she can while it lasts. It sounds like she has a good thing going with this millionaire, unless he gets swayed by the countless other young women in CA looking for wealthy men who might be younger and prettier. I think she and Caroline definitely have a family resemblance, but Caroline is older. Pictures of Caroline when she was young have her looking quite pretty. Dina has a lot more high maintenance help with her appearance too…makeup artists perhaps, plastic surgery, etc, maybe. I am not saying she had plastic surgery, but I would not… Read more »

So dina is mooching off yet ANOTHER man. I don’t want to see shows about the high lives of high priced escorts.



Boy, you think like I do on this one. First she marries the guy who owed the nail salon she worked in and had Lexi. Then she left him, moved in with Caroline and hooked up with Tommy, who was cheating on her before they got married. She married him and then he left when he got really serious with someone else and she still lived in that big ugly house. Then she meets this married guy AT A FUNDRAISER, rips him away from his family and sinks her claws into him. What kind of person is this? Granted, you… Read more »

I agree. Her wedding to Tommy was a VH1 My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding episode and told me all I needed to know about Dina before NJ Housewives. It is all about the money.

Sorry ladies, I think Dina is a snooze fest, I liked her in the 1st season other than that I was bored to tears with her


Duchess of Wienerschintzel

She should talk to Danielle Staub and tell her the secret

Gold digger

Dina seems to like getting with anyone who has money and can support her and her daughter.

I would not look back at NJ and doubt she will- in a way she is rubbing it in Everyones Nose- Kinda like it- Never thought she was bad -who knows maybe OC or BH never know

Moving to L.A. is a mistake! A NJ 8 is an L.A. 3.

The “millionaire” is far from and innocent lamb…and all the glossing that’s going down here could make me sick. I knew him and had respect for him but not no more. A lot of people got hurt from things that no ones talking about. The two of them burned lots of bridges I’m sure and they needed to get as far away from NJ as possible. Good luck you’re both going to need it.