Dina Manzo Announces New Skincare Line


Real Housewives are known to dive into different business ventures whether its kicking off a music career, writing books acting and so on. Fans of the Real Housewives of New Jersey know that Dina Manzo is dedicated to her foundation Project Ladybug, her daughter Lexi and her numerous pets, but it looks like the reality star has dived into a new line of work.

Via Instagram, Manzo announced that she was launching a skincare line called GLOW by Dina. She shared, “I’ve spent so much money through the years in department stores on all of these expensive brands that contain the same ingredients that we’re bringing to you. So I’m so excited to announce GLOW by Dina. Everybody can afford this and that was very important to us.”

Dina’s products include a facial serum, facial moisturizer, cleansing gel, eye perfection therapy, and several kits you can get.

You can purchase Dina’s skincare products at glowbydina.com

Photo Credit: Bravo

  • Sally☕️

    I always liked Dina so I hope she is successful!

  • Naynay

    I think she’s dull as dish water.. Like we need another skin care line from someone who goes to a plastic surgeon to take care of their skin..no thanks..she’s just another gold digger looking for that cash cow…this will be the only story I will comment on today, pretty boring today most of this stuff was on a different blog yesterday, which I will not comment on that other site, to nasty if you disagree with them!!!…big Yawn

  • Aunt Bee

    Who cares.

  • What makes her skin care line so fab?
    (Granted, I haven’t watch the video, I’m @ work) the packaging looks Generic. What seperates her brand from the rest?

  • Jane

    Dina who lol

  • apple

    This one is a namastafarian…always talking enlightened, spiritual gibberish…when in fact she is a parasitic pathogen sucking the life force out of every one she entangles into her money grubbing and manipulative web.
    Probably I will not buy her face cream…just like I don’t buy her bullsh*t.