Dina Manzo Feared Her Problems With Caroline And Chris Were Going To Play Out On RHONJ, Says Her Relationship With Tommy Is Better Than Ever


Dina Manzo appeared on Oprah: Where Are They Now Sunday night and she opened up about being on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, her estranged siblings and the separation from her husband, Tommy Manzo. She shares she was afraid the feud with Caroline, Chris and Jacqueline was going to play out on the show and that’s the last thing she wanted. Dina also revealed that her and Tommy are still living together and are in a great place in their relationship.

“I like to call reality shows, enhanced reality, because they put you in situations you normally wouldn’t be in,” Dina says of her experience on RHONJ. “The reactions, yes, are your own, but normally I wouldn’t go to dinner with someone that despises me.”

“Of course I got my bitch on and I still do in real life,” Dina admits of her fights with cast mate Danielle Staub. “I mean we’re all human too, so there were things that aggravated me and I reacted. I’m not proud of every single thing for sure.”

“When I left the show, I chose to distance myself from everyone, Teresa included,” Dina reveals. “So she didn’t realize I was distancing myself from her, and she showed up at my door. We sat and talked for hours and hours and made the effort to fix it.”

“Teresa and I don’t have that kind of relationship that we talk about our problems,” Dina says of the 39 counts of fraud Teresa and her husband Joe have been charged with. “The Teresa that I know is fun loving and no matter what’s going on in her life she still maintains an upbeat attitude, and that’s what I love about her.”

“No there wasn’t any specific event [that fractured it],” Dina says of her estranged relationships with siblings Caroline Manzo and Chris Laurita. “I think the negative side of people are magnified and whatever little friction there was before now became a big deal. It’s almost that the red flags were going up that it was going to play itself out on camera, and I don’t wanna do that. I love my sister and I love my brother and I do miss being with them, so I’m just hoping that one day when this is all over we can go back to where we were before this all started. In my gut I know it will.”

“I announced my separation back in February,” Dina says of her marriage to Tommy Manzo. “The sticky thing is that there is no legal separation in the state of New Jersey and we still live together. We’ve come to a point in our relationship where we’re extremely loving towards one another. And no matter what happens, whether we follow through with the divorce, or something happens and we wind up back together we’re at a really good place right now.”

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3 Replies to “Dina Manzo Feared Her Problems With Caroline And Chris Were Going To Play Out On RHONJ, Says Her Relationship With Tommy Is Better Than Ever”

  1. Wow, Dina must really feel that she is the center of everyone’s world! Is she insinuating that if she has a relationship with her siblings, that she will become a story line for the show? Sorry Dina…..that is pretty self absorbed!

  2. Maybe she can give back the charity (Project Ladybug) several Manzo sisters created. This was not just hers. Why is she so selfish? What is she hiding?

    Title – Tommy better than ever… lie.. always lying 🙁

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