Dina Manzo: Why I Cut People Out Of My Life That Betray Me


Dina Manzo is taking to her Bravo Blog to apologize for her comments about Jim Marchese and to discuss loyalty and betrayal. After reports that her estranged sister-in-law Jacqueline Laurita will be filming scenes for future RHONJ episodes, Dina explains why she cuts people out of her life like they are dead when they betray her.

Dina writes, “Back in the day when I was writing blogs for Season 1, I remember saying even Mother Teresa would have an —hole episode. It looks like this may be mine…well, at least one of them.

Let’s start with my date. I came across as so cold, didn’t I? Well I won’t say it wasn’t awkward, but I certainly was not rude to him. I didn’t just turn down the hot yoga offer, I explained to him that I think hot yoga (or as I like to call it bacteria yoga) is so gross. Sweaty, smelly butt cracks in my face is not my idea of a good time, so that’s why I said I doubt that will happen. I swear everyone in my life tries to drag me to hot yoga, so maybe there is something good about it and I’m just being a germaphobe nutcase. Anyway…although there were no sparks on my date, I will say that Matt’s mom raised him right. He’s sweet and kind and a COMPLETE gentleman. We still keep in touch, and one day he is going to make some YOUNGER girl very happy! Oh yeah, and that BJ comment? My mother will be washing my mouth out with soap for sure! Oops!

Now let’s talk about the first responders fall out and what I said to Amber’s husband Jim. At this point in our relationship there was so much sexual talk between us girls that you didn’t get to see. You know chicks get together, open a bottle of wine, and the giggles begin. Amber had shared some of her hysterical stories of shall I say…taking over in the bedroom with us, and I would tease her endlessly.

So calling Jim a bitch and telling Amber to shove it up his ass was COMPLETELY inappropriate but actually more of a joke, because I knew Jim didn’t like it when I teased Amber about their bedroom life. It just went along with what I know would annoy Jim, but it was wrong and I’m sorry. And guess what? If he does, more power to him — a healthy sex life is all about keeping it interesting. Watch my video on taking back that BITCH word here, and find out why I don’t put up with men talking down to a queen EVER.

Let’s move on to our bird sh– facials. I could have saved time and money and just stayed home and spread my parakeet poop all over my face, but Amber invited us and we did have things to discuss. I felt for Amber, I don’t think she was completely innocent, but I don’t like that all against one mentality. I am super sensitive to it, because looking back on Season 1 it was wrong to do that to Danielle. Although some made Danielle think she was not alone, trust me, she was. She did bring most of it on herself like Amber does, but I learned from that experience, and now I vow to always try to hear the other side of the underdog’s story.

What I said about Melissa pertained to what was going on in this situation. Amber had made it CLEAR to us that Melissa had no remorse for her part in the fight. Other than that, I really don’t know much more about Melissa than what you the viewer have seen. Like I said a million times, she’s always come to my Ladybug events, so for that I like her. What went on between her and Teresa is not my business to discuss. It was brought to my attention that she dropped the bomb and walked away, and I agreed. You will see how things turn out between me and Melissa. But the bright side is it opened the door for Teresa to suggest that she and Amber work through it like they have. We shall see where that goes!

How cute were the heart tattoos Lexi and I got? It did hurt like a mother and guess what? The guy went easy on us because they hardly took! We’ve been trying to get them touched up for months now. I’ll post a pic on my insta when we get them redone. This time I’ll tape Lexi’s mouth shut so she doesn’t drop the F-bomb. My mom will have to double up on the soap so there’s enough for both of us!

Lastly I want to talk about all the betrayal going on this week. I have to say I do admire TerEsa’s loyalty to her sister Nicole, and it was so refreshing to see Joey Gorga stick up for Joe Giudice. That is how I believe things should be with family and long term friends. I am a FREAK about loyalty and I am loyal as a freakin’ dog until you are not to me. Then guess what? I don’t go out for revenge, I simply cut you out of my life as if you died. I am BAFFLED when I see people put their loyalty where it doesn’t belong. I don’t always agree with what my friends and family do, but I WILL ALWAYS have their backs. That is unless I’ve had a funeral in my head for you because you didn’t have mine. Watch more here, and yes, the funeral in my head is real, I mourn your loss and then I move on. It may not be very spiritual, or perhaps it actually is…think about it.”

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22 Replies to “Dina Manzo: Why I Cut People Out Of My Life That Betray Me”

  1. So hot yoga is gross to you, yet you don’t mind sticking your ugly hairless cat on the table and talking about its penis whilst people are eating? The only other thing more gross than your cat is you! Such a selfish snob.

    1. Exactly Missy! When I saw her cats all on top of the dinner table, I realized right then and there that Dina is a NASTY woman. I would never eat her food if I knew her because that is just plain ole nasty to allow your dogs and cats to walk on top of your dinner table all wheely neely. #gross

  2. This just shows what a friggin’ hypocrite Dina Manzo is. Over her fakeness and zen act. I MISS JAC AND CARO!!! The show is not the same without them.

    1. I am with you again REALJERSEYGIRL. We think alike. I no longer watch this train wreck but do enjoy the recaps and viewer blogs.

      1. I agree with you JerseyBelle and Aunt Bee. There is a lack of authenticity without Caroline and Jacqueline.

    2. @realjerseybelle….truth. Sitting with your legs crossed and having your photo snapped with the sun rising/setting behind you doesn’t make you “zen”. Dina Manzo is about as zen as a bag of spoons. She’s fake and judgmental. However, I do like that she cares for animals that no one would ever even give a second look at….like Teresa Giuduce.

  3. I also miss Caroline. Dina has such a shady past she has a lot of balls to be posting about loyalty…

  4. Let’s leave Dina completely aside a moment. The idea of cutting out negative and toxic people from your life in order to enjoy a more peaceful life is a sound principle, especially when you review your own level of contentment and want to improve it. I have had to do it, but I’ve done it gently and through time. I am much happier now.

    1. I actually agree and commend the part about cutting toxic people out of life and having a more peaceful life. If you stay ‘mad’ or upset the person you are upset with is still in your head and heart enough that you think of them to keep the nasty going. If you put them to rest mentally you are able to move on and not hold onto the crap of the past. It took me a long time to do this, but I did it and my life is much better for it.

  5. I like Dina, and I do not MISS Caroline. As far as the cat…its her table, her house, her business. Who cares? I was much more offended and grossed out by Brandi’s and Jill Zarin’s dogs shitting and pissing all over the place.

  6. I don’t know what it is, but I think she is completely fake and a phony. But then all of them on RHONJ seem to be.

    1. I know she is just full of it this time around. I liked her better before she tried so hard. She used to be somewhat normal now she is just as nuts as the rest of them.

  7. I have to say I love Dina and I am with her on the hot yoga I can’t think of anything worse that smelly butt crack!!…I have to say it once again I have loved watching all the new faces If I had to watch Carolyn and Jacqueline for another season I don’t think I would be watching…and yes I saw those dog’s of Brandi’s pissing everywhere and she didn’t even clean it up with a disinfectant but that is disgusting Brandi (got off topic a bit) but if you remember the last 3 season of New Jersey was all the same it was terrible.

  8. As someone who has an estranged relationship with my own sibling, I get what Dina is saying, but I don’t get how casually she takes it. It was clear that Carolyn was distraught by thier relationship, but Dina acts like it’s no big deal. I almost feel like some of her comments about Teresa being like a sister to her are meant as a slap in the face to Carolyn and Jacqueline. I feel the pain of the loss of my relationship with my sister all the time, though I accept that at this point in time, we hurt each other more being together. My grandmother was also estranged from her siblings for most of my youth. I didn’t meet that side of my family until I was 19 and my grandmother was dying. Sometimes, you have to walk away for your own wellbeing. But I don’t get the caulousness Dina shows.

  9. Bravo can give credit for this seasons low ratings to Dina Manzo and Indicted/Admitted criminals Teresa and Joe Giudice! Bye-Bye Bravo you had your chance last year to not bring back either of these bitches and keep your viewers. You gambled and you lost!

  10. I was happy Dina came back. I was so happy Jac was gone. How will she work without being up Caroline’s butt? Does her horse face need more work? Dina is a smart lady. Jac can’t even work without Caroline and family to help. They even caused her to treat her daughter bad. She is coming back after being kicked off. Gotta be desperate for money. How did they afford all that plastic surgery and guns and wines? That’s why she is coming back plus to cause trouble from her secret friends. And to hurt Dina.

  11. I know Dina is the type like me. I read it. When I have problems with ppl I don’t fool with them. Sister or friends that bring me down. Dina I was so happy for you to be back. I feel like this is on purpose so Jac can stir it up with her pretend friends to help. She can’t do it without Caroline. Thought she was on Caroline’s show. I don’t think she can handle 2 jobs. Plus someone has to care for the children . I love the show but so much better with you. I was happy. Now I am not. I don’t even like to watch her . Good luck. They just plain out tricked you

  12. SHAME ON YOU DINA. Get your head out of your ass and go back to your family that loves you. Stop letting the fame and money control your life.

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