Dina Manzo: Caroline Chooses Not to Speak to Me

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard an update about Caroline Manzo and Dina Manzo’s relationship. As it turns out, Dina just revealed that Caroline chooses to not speak to her.

Dina posted the following quote on Instagram, captioning, “#namastebitches.”

#namastebitches (2nd photo is last nights no filter Malibu sky to help you exhale) ❤️

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A follower wrote to Dina, “What a laugh u dont speak to half of ur family you think u are the greastest thing that hit this world go visit ur nephew we have a place for u in the catholic world thats called hell,” she didn’t hold back in her response.

Dina replied, “You know nothing about the situation or that I am one of 11 children and speak to all but the “family” you’re referring to. Caroline chooses not to speak to me. So get off your holy rolling high horse and chose kindness over judgement. Or is that not what they teach you in your church?”

Are you surprised these sisters are still not speaking?

Photo Credit: Bravo