Dina Manzo Blames Jacqueline For Her & Chris Laurita’s Relationship, Will Reconcile With Caroline


Dina Manzo appeared on Watch What Happens Live Sunday night with Andy Cohen and when Andy showed a preview for next week’s reunion, Manzo finally broke her silence on the feud with her siblings Caroline Manzo and Chris Laurita.

During the preview for the reunion, Dina reveals that she has kept her mouth shut for years about her family problems and that Jacqueline caused problems again by coming on RHONJ this season.

Dina says “right now I don’t want a relationship with Jacqueline,” Manzo also admitted that her brother Chris Laurita reached out to her when he heard the news that she was separated from her husband Tommy Manzo.

“I could not have been happier,” an emotional Dina says during the reunion of her brother. “But that lasted all of fifteen minutes until… I don’t want to get into it but not everybody was on the same page.”

Andy points out that Dina was much more verbal at the upcoming reunion about her family feud, more than he’s ever seen her be before.

“Because I kept my mouth shut for all these years and that didn’t help,” Dina insists. “Like maybe if I talk this will go away.”

Andy asked Dina to explain where her relationship with her sister Caroline Manzo is at these days and notes that it seems like it can eventually be mended.

“Yes, she’s my sister,” Dina said of a future reconciliation with Caroline.

“And Jacqueline is?” Andy asks.

“My brother’s wife,” Dina hesitates.

Of course Dina’s comments fueled a response from Jacqueline on Twitter.

“I asked my husband to reach out to Dina when she went through the divorce,” Jacqueline tweeted Andy during WWHL. “So did I and I encouraged them to meet. She wouldn’t.”

“That’s not true,” Dina told Andy. “Just because you say it doesn’t mean it’s true. I wanted to meet with my brother more than anything.”

Jacqueline later added, “Oh and I still have our text messages that I can show you.”

Jacqueline continued, “You’re lying is what keeps getting u into trouble @dinamanzo in ALL areas of ur life. Y do u keep hurting ur family? You know we’ve ALL tried.”




After the show, Dina sent out a tweet sharing her frustration with the situation.

“Maybe if Jacqueline would get off twitter and stay out of it my brother and I can one day mend. DONE with this,” Dina wrote.

Jacqueline was quick to reply to Dina, writing, “He tried a few times and you wouldn’t meet with him. #shame @dinamanzo”


Jacqueline continued to defend herself, tweeting, “Chris had enough & gave up trying 2 have a relationship w/ @dinamanzo. She has hurt him too much. She’s got 2 make the move. He’ll be here. (w/ ME)”


Who do you believe? Do you think Dina and Jacqueline can ever make up?

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18 Replies to “Dina Manzo Blames Jacqueline For Her & Chris Laurita’s Relationship, Will Reconcile With Caroline”

  1. Jacqueline is wacko. She does need to stay off Twitter and the bottle and take care of her children. She’s the Tamra Barney of NJ. I think Chris is genuinely a nice guy and deserves better. Sorry.

  2. Well, if Jaq can produce the texts messages between Chris and Dina at the time of Dina’s separation from Tommy and they support Jaq’s story, then it will PROVE Dina is the liar and never to be believed in any situation. However if Jaq cannot produce those texts messages than it will be the exact opposite situation, and Dina will be exonerated and Jaq will never be trusted in this issue. So pony up the texts Jaq! Let’s see who the liar is!!

    1. If Jac had the proof she would have shown it last night just like she did with the cut and paste texts she had of Teresa’s.
      I do think Jac has some texts from Dina saying she didn’t want to meet with her. That has nothing to do with Dina meeting with Chris. Personally I think Dina and Chris arranged to meet but Jac would only allow it if she was there to which Dina said NO.

  3. Jac needs to stay out of this, I wouldn’t want to talk to a sibling through a partner… they are two separate people Jac and Chris aren’t they?

    1. Dina is a mess. The only reason she was asked back was so Teresa could have a friend. I’m hoping Dina quits when Teresa (moron) goes to jail (bye Felecia!!).

  4. I’m so tired of Dina blaming everyone other than herself. If her sibblings passed, she’d show up at the funerals and blame them for leaving the earth without informing her. And Jacqueline’s addiction to Twitter is a pathetic need for attention. Her “Right Fight” is exhausting.

  5. Kids, I think we are all being duped by Bravo. With Teresa leaving, what else do they have for a story other than another family feud? I was reading these texts last night and thought…..dang,they’re piling it on thick now. Lol

    1. Good point. Because nobody cares about the twins or Amber, Melissa’s storyline is going “away” with Teresa… What else does Bravo have going on Jersey? And people want to know- they could drag it out over a whole season!

  6. I like both of these gals…hope they can work it all out. That would add another dimension to the show…more spiritual and “zen.”
    Would it piss Caroline off if they made up?

    1. Why would Caroline be pissed off if they made up? She is friends with Jaq now and she has been trying for four years yo reconcile with Dina. She also has said she want Chris and Dina to make up. So???

  7. I believe Dina, I used to like Jac the first couple of seasons but after the past couple years I really feel like she’s a few diamonds short of a tiara. She comes across as completely insane to me. Dina, like Caroline and Chris, appears to at least be somewhat of a rational, sane person.

  8. I believe Jaq–even though she seems go drink too much, cries at the drop of a hat, misled the viewers with her “lavish” lifestyle, going all Guidice with money stolen.

    Dina knows Jaq will come up with “the proof”.

  9. Jacqueline is stuck in middle school with the way she’s behaving and handling this “drama.” Doesn’t she have better ways to spend her time other than dwelling on her non-existent relationships with Dina and Teresa?

  10. This is old, but the only time I saw Dina in an interview she was begging everyone to let it go. There must be a lot I don’t see. I keep remembering the end of season 2 of New Jersey where Jaqo went off on Dina about “THE BOOK” She (Jaqo) didn’t even know what she was talking about. Was that even what the long feud was about? I thought it was how it started.

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