Dina Manzo Reacts To Talk Of Her On RHONJ Unseen Footage! Plus- Twitter “Argument” With Ashlee Holmes!

After the Real Housewives of New Jersey Unseen Footage & WWHL with Caroline Manzo Aired, Dina Manzo took to Twitter to comment on how she was a big topic on the shows. Dina tweets, “I’m not worried, the truth always comes out in the end, u can try & try but you’ll never “take me down.” Jacqueline Laurita’s daughter, Ashlee Holmes, responded, causing a bit of a Twitter argument between the two. Dina tweets to Ashlee, “My opinion is that your mom should keep as quiet as I do!” It sounds like the Manzo/Laurita Feud isn’t stopping anytime soon. Later, Dina tweeted, “Back on for a second…give Ash a break. She was just trying to help…it wasn’t an argument it was a discussion. I love her.” Take a look at the screenshots below. Click on a picture to enlarge.


Tell Us- Whose side are you on? Dina or Ashlee?

Photo Credit: Bravo/Twitter



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  • Nel

    Team Dina! Asslee herself called her Mom out on not minding her own business and being in the middle of all the drama. Fatbackjaq is immature and childish and anyone that remains friends with her better never tweet, text or talk to her on the phone because she will save it all and then play it back for the world or blackmail you with it if you become more famous than she is or if she goes off her meds!

  • donnalee

    Jac is not worth losing it over and neither is Bravo crap editing. There is absolutely nothing that Jac could say now that any one with a brain is going to believe. If one has a brain they can easily see that Jac is not right in the head and clearly has no idea on how to be a friend or a SIL.

  • @heyitsmeagain32

    Wow and calling someone fatbackjaq is not immature or childish at all…