Dina Manzo Addresses Talk She’s Returning To RHONJ


Dina Manzo is finally speaking out about the talk she is returning to season 6 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. We were the first to tell you Dina was in talks to return to the show, because her sister Caroline had quit after five seasons. On September 25th, our insider told us EXCLUSIVELY, “There has also been talk that since Caroline and Jacqueline are out Andy is trying to bring Dina Manzo back. Dina always said she would never return if her family was on the show, and now that they aren’t Bravo really wants her back. The network is looking to revamp the show and the drama.”

Since the news of Dina’s return hit the mainstream media, there have been rumors she wants Jacqueline fired before she will sign off on the deal. ”Dina wants to come back but wants Jacqueline fired first, because she is afraid of fighting with her,” an insider told RadarOnline.

But Dina took to her Twitter to address the rumors herself. “Ok, let me put all the rumors to rest right now so I can continue my love affair with twitter …” she wrote. “I have NOT made any decisions on my next career move yet, I haven’t gotten anyone fired nor do I have the power to do that- Don’t be so silly. ..now can we go back to talking about important stuff like cats & facials? ;)”



Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Aunt Bee

    How superficial of her. Cats and facials !!!!! Our government is in shutdown, our service people are dying on foreign soil, our children are being shot in schools, we have thousands of homeless and this idiot wants to talk about her poor ugly cat and facials. Dumb Dina YOU ARE NOT FUNNY.

    • Chrissi

      Wow, do you get on to everyone on social media for not addressing these very deep topics? Not everyone everywhere besides Dina is talking about these issues. They ARE very important but to slam her because she would like to talk to total strangers about something cute and funny is a little much. I get that those issues are important but celebrities don’t have to answer every question and rumor they address with a shout out to the dark and deep issues of the world. To call her Dumb Dina is going a little too far.

    • Steph

      Seriously!?!? You need to take that stick out of your @$$. She was completely joking, the winky face gave that away. I’m happy when celebs don’t talk about politics, every time they do it just adds another celeb on my boycott list. #defundobamacare

  • Anonymous

    Bravo has stirred this pot, not Dina.

  • Anonymous

    Bravo needs to get new blood on the show… Maybe people that get along and work together doing good for people instead of starting trouble. Keep Dina off the show, she is a stuck up bitch that thinks her shit doesn’t stink!

  • AnotherRHO_Fan

    I have always enjoyed seeing Dina…on RHONJ, HGTV, etc., so I would enjoy seeing her return to RHONJ. Is she trying to get Jacq fired? It seems so out of character for her and the zen life that she likes to lead. Her tweets are testimony to that nature…sweet, direct, and fun(ny). I find it hard to believe she would attempt to do such a negative energy thing, or that she would have the kind of power needed to accomplish it.

  • Aunt Bee

    Christi, I respect your opinion.