Dina Manzo Accused Of Betraying Teresa Giudice


In an upcoming episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey some of the ladies have a private dinner with mob-daughter, Victoria Gotti. According to a new report, during the meeting, Dina Manzo went behind Teresa Giudice’s back and told their cast mates Giudice’s secrets.

“Teresa is absolutely stunned that Dina told the other housewives the details of the meeting with Victoria,” an insider tells RadarOnline. “Teresa specifically asked Dina to not discuss the meeting with anyone, but has since found out that she did.”

“Specifically, Dina told the other ladies about the meeting with Victoria while she was on the cast trip to Miami, and Teresa wasn’t there,” the source said. “Teresa was made aware of the betrayal after it had happened and is very unhappy about it. She trusted Dina, but now recognizes that was a huge mistake.”

“Viewers should be very wary of Dina’s motivations,” the insider warns. “She wants to be the queen bee of the show, as her sister Caroline used to be. Now Teresa feels that she doesn’t have any true friends on the show, including her sister-in-law, Melissa [Gorga].”

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7 Replies to “Dina Manzo Accused Of Betraying Teresa Giudice”

  1. I didn’t see a preview with Victoria in it. Not saying I don’t believe this because of the trailer between Dina and Teresa, but I’m not 100% buying this story yet.

  2. Big nosed horse faced Dina is a liar & phoney. Yeah I knew she’d betray Tree because she is using her. She talks about how they’ve been friends for years. Really Dina then why wasn’t Tree at your wedding to Tommy (Tomcat the cheater) which is on You Tube & no Tree anywhere no Juicy, Cuz its bull, She is user & famewhore & about as Zen as bank robbery,

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