Dimitri Charalambopoulos Passes Lie Detector Test For Abuse Allegations? Running From Service Of Restraining Order From Camille Grammer


Camille Grammer’s legal team has been unable to serve Dimitri Charalambopoulos, who publicly denies hitting Grammer. Camille was awarded a restraining order to protect herself and her two children from Dimitri after she claims he was “repeatedly slamming my head and face into the furniture” during an altercation in a Houston hotel room on October 16th.

RadarOnline reports since being awarded the restraining order, Camille has had “multiple process servers attempting to serve Dimitri in Texas, where he lives. Dimitri has been dodging service, and appears to be in hiding,” a source tells Radar. “Multiple attempts to serve Dimitri at his home, at his office, and other places he frequents have been unsuccessful.”

“If Dimitri doesn’t have anything to hide, why is he avoiding service? If Camille is unable to serve him by the hearing date on November 19th, the TRO expires, and she would have to apply for a new one all over again,” the insider reveals.

Dimitri spoke with Access Hollywood this week and claims he didn’t lay a hand on Camille.

“There was a verbal altercation and it was heated,” he said. “I had been caring for Camille for several days and on the night of the 15th, I got in bed with her, I cuddled up next to her. We were watching TV, and then I went to sleep. I woke up, I’m not sure what time, I was awakened, to Camille. She was obviously very angry.”

The argument started over “incoming text messages and phone calls …. from another woman,” according to TRO. But, according to Charalambopoulos, the messages were from a female friend who helped to facilitate Camille’s surgery.

“She played phone tag with me, via text message, asking if we needed anything,” Charalambopoulos said, and his lawyer takes issue with injuries Camille stated his client inflicted upon her.

“Ms. Grammer, understand went through a serious medical operation, and so it goes without saying that any injuries she had to her arm and wrists were in all likelihood from the IV, and as far as any black eye, I mean anyone who has ever had a black eye knows that is not a black eye, if anything it’s a bad mascara job,” Kirk Lechtenberger told the show. It was also revealed that Dimitri submitted to two separate polygraph tests, and passed.

But sources close to Camille ask, “Why is he hiding from the process servers? Why won’t he let his lawyer accept service on his behalf? If Dimitri has nothing to hide, he should be in court on November 19th.”

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  • linda in spring

    I’m glad Dimtri spoke out and got lie detector tests to prove his innocence because Camille’s story did not seem truthful. For someone to get their head banged several time she had no bruising to show for it. It just seemed such a lie. She comes across as a perpetually scorned woman by all her men.

    • Jodi

      Argh…. I feel bad agreeing with you. I like Camille, but something about this story is off.

    • Fahlina_G

      I agree completely. I never believed her allegations. Camille sounds like a vengeful woman scorned. Again. It sounds more like she wanted to ruin Dmitri’s reputation more than anything after she caught another woman texting him. I doubt she was “abused”. She just needs “attention”. Spiteful shrew.

  • ibeme

    If this is not true, the the lawyer Dimitri would have sued Camille for defamation. He has not sued. Restraining orders are really, really hard to get (which is a huge problem for women and girls victimized by domestic violence, and Camille was granted one. He is on the lamb right now trying to avoid being served this restraining order. It is a little starling to me that women are so quick to disbelieve other women but will believe men. A lie detector test cannot be used in most courts because the results are not certain and are fallible. He knows that that is NOT proof of his “innocence” and therefore he is avoiding being served.
    I do not like Camille. I also do not like violence. And she does not seems to me to be the type to keep her name out there (extending her 15 minutes) by falesly claiming abuse. She would not put this out there for her children’s friends to see, if this did not happen. I applaud her claiming her own power by going public.

    • Felina

      Yes, but if I were Dimitri, and innocent, I would avoid service too. Who wants that on their record?