What We Didn’t See At The RHONY Season 8 Reunion


The season eight Real Housewives of New York City reunion may be three parts, but that doesn’t mean we get to see everything that was taped. In this special from Bravo, we have clips of three moments that didn’t make it to air.

We saw a change in LuAnn and Carole’s relationship this season, but it was unclear if they actually made up or not. But this topic was actually discussed at the reunion. So does Carole actually forgive LuAnn and is the Countess actually happy for Carole and Adam?

While this topic may not be as serious as some of the others we’ve seen, the ladies discuss their beloved dogs.

If anyone noticed the ladies seemed to talk about vaginas a lot this season and of course, the reunion was no exception.

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  1. Don’t watch this show but I commented the other day about the dress lol , as there was quite a discussion about it . As I see her hair do closer, I think my original opinion stands. With such a busy dress, her hair needed to be up and simple . The braid thing just doesn’t work . I say, cut off the sleeves, remove ALL accessories, put on strong lipstick and I would actually like this dress . It has a cute hippy vibe , or as designers like to call it , a ‘peasant look’ hahaha

    1. Carol’s dress is hideous, in my opinion. why couldn’t she borrow one from her pal, Naeem Khan, sought-after designer to the celebrities?

  2. I wish the whole taping was available to watch! This is one of the better seasons of NY in my opinion…. And this reunion has been great! Just wish Carol would get to talk more! Really like Carol, Bethany and Ramona this year!

  3. That was interesting to watch. From not letting Carole get a word in edgewise to talking about dogs and Ramona’s dog pooping then on to vaginas and testing the lady pond…

    1. Good morning Sandy! How are you today? How’s your husband ? I trust all went well and he’s recuperating at home now ? ❤️❤️❤️❤️

      1. Thanks, Suze. Hubs is okay…his tummy not so okay from medication side effects and he nwver slept so much (interruptions,metc.), but not much longer. One more rad. treatment later this afternoon and then tubes removal, etc. I am going to the hospital early this evening when he should hopefully be discharged. Fingers crossed he will be okay.
        Thanks for being you. I hope yom are feeling ok as well, my dear friend. XOXO
        Oh, it is soooo hot today…like a steambath in the 90s and very humid. I came in soaked with sweat after an early am dog walk and it is hotter now. My son is out with Corey now, but the dog hates the heat, so it will be a short walk.

          1. Thanks, Suze and Rain.❤️
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            1. Sandy , I hope everything is going well and your hubby will be home soon . On another note , I just poked myself in the eye with my finger nail . It hurts really bad and I can’t open my eye . Should I go to the Dr ?

              1. You cannot open your eye? Maybe you need to be checked…yes. A doctor can check to see if you have a scratch on your cornea..They have a special light and put a bit of a dye to visualize it. I hope you feel better.

  4. Carole doesn’t belong on this show but she is VERY TIGHT with Andy so she ain’t going anywhere unless she decides this. Too bad, because in all honesty, she is beyond boring.

  5. You know I think these ladies bicker well together lol. As much as they put up their dukes they seem to actually like each each other at the end of the day and I just love that. And the discussions may make me squirm a little but they’re hysterical! And like Dorinda said, I didn’t grow up with it either so I relate.

    ♥️(((Sandy))) I have no idea what’s happened with your dear husband but j hope he gets well fast.

    Good morning (((Suze))) I hope you’re doing well today♥️xoxoxoxo

      1. I’m doing well too, sweetie. On way to a wedding out of state in a few minutes – looong drive there long drive home with pup too. Ought to be an interesting 6 hours hahaha! xoxoxoxo

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      So, you tried to hook once?!
      Once I was standing with my best friend in Miami (in summer) in front of our hotel (on vacation and I was 19) and someone came up to us…and I realized he thought we were…just what you tried to be…and I did not dress oddly. Polyester pants at the time were fashionable. I did not wear too much makeup or anything. We were standing and deciding where we were headed and just left our hotel. 😮

      1. I thought you all would know I was so joking about the hooking. Hehe noooo not this Puritan :/ best wishes to your hubby! Ok gotta skeedadle. Have a great day! ♥️

        1. I know! But I was propositioned again in my 50s…just lost and walking near my spa hotel in Florida, looking for a store. I was wearing a longer skort and no makeup…some tan. Odd, yes!

          1. Thanks, Suze, Miss M, and Rain!
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      2. Hi Sandy , I’m sorry to hear that your hubby was having a hard time . I hope he’s doing better today . All of you are in my thoughts and prayers . God bless dear lady

  6. Hey girls I meant to ask: has Bethenny ever done porn? apple mentioned it in a thread and I was gobsmacked! I can’t imagine it only because of her objections and reactions to dating married men I think. And not that there’s anything wrong with it if that’s where your path in life leads you. No judgies here.

    1. I really think not. It was a comment made to start a nasty rumor. I am not 100%, but really? You’d think after 8 seasons it would have come up by now. She started making her world about her career since she was very young. She instinctively knew she would need to get publicity for herself and her ideas in order to make it. That was her reason for Martha Stewart’s Apprentice, and she made it to the final 2. Martha chose the wimp because she was a afraid of Bethenny, IMO. I loved her on that, then I accidentally caught a part of the season one reunion of NY! As soon as I saw her I knew who it was, she has such a unique look and personality. She got a spin-off, then her talk show, which she was simply not ready or cut out for, then was asked right back to NY. So, even if suposedly 68% of viewers or citizens or whatever….don’t care for her, she brought her distinct style back to RHONY. The show was a mess when she wasn’t there. The chemistry of the show was completely thrown off without her.

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