Vicki & Tamra Friends Again? Plus- The New OC Housewife?!

The Real Housewives of Orange County are currently filming Season 8, and Vicki Gunvalson tweeted the photo above saying, “Heading to Tamra’s bachelorette party in Puerto Vallarta! Woo hoo!!!” In the photo with Tamra are Real Housewives; Gretchen Rossi, Heather Dubrow, and of course Vicki Gunvalson. Alexis Bellino is no where to be found, which is no surprise, because her and Tamra are clearly not friends. But who is the young brunette on the left? Could it be the newest Housewife of Orange County? I’m 95% sure she is. Getting more information on that ASAP! She seems to fit the description our insider gave us! Read more about that here.

Looks like the ladies will be having a lot of fun at Tamra’s Bachelorette Party! And since they are currently filming, I wonder if this is a huge hint that Tamra’s wedding will air on Season 8? I’m glad to see Vicki and Tamra getting along… I didn’t like it when they ended last Season in a huge fight.

Tell Us- Are you happy to see Vicki and Tamra mending their friendship? Do you want to watch Tamra’s wedding?

Photo Credit: @vgunvalson



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  • Cath Foley

    Vicki should not rekindle her friendship with Tamra. She is a witch who is as fake as her friend gretchin!! I mean c’mon, would you consider them as friends if they treated you like that???

    Vicki has had a difficult time throughout season 7 .. Where was the support from her friend Tamra even after Vicki paid for them to go to Costa Rica !! Opportunists maybe !!

  • im just watching rhooc reunion season 7 i can not stand brooks hes a snake as for him bieng hansom yeah right she needs to go to speksavers for a pair of glasses he gives me the creeps vickey cud do much better hope there relationship doesnt last