Did Vicki Gunvalson Cheat On Brooks?

According to RumorFix, Real Housewives of Orange County Star Slade Smiley is accusing Vicki Gunvalson of cheating on her southern boyfriend, Brooks Ayers.

“She has already cheated on Brooks with a guy in Cabo,” Slade tells Real Mr. Housewife for RumorFix. Gretchen’s man goes on to say, “She admitted it off camera and denies on camera. You never know what to believe.”

Slade alleges a history of cheating with Vicki saying,  “Brooks was certainly involved with Vicki while she was married, which I think is a bit shady to begin with. Her own daughter even confirmed that while she was doing her phony renewal of her vows two years ago with Don on the beach, Brooks was busy texting her at that time.”

We did hear Brianna insinuate that Vicki cheated with Brooks while she was still with Don- on this past season of RHOC… That’s a bit fishy.

Slade seems to think Brooks will play dumb continuing, “In my opinion,” he says, “I think Brooks is enamored with Vicki, because she’s on television … They’re really just kind of off people.”

Do you think Vicki cheated? Do you like Brooks?

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3 Replies to “Did Vicki Gunvalson Cheat On Brooks?”

  1. Shes always said they had been friends for years just because someone is texting doesnt mean they are cheating. Don was the one who didnt fight for his marriage he just made fun of her and said disrespectful things to her on tv. Slade has no eoom to make accusations about anyone.

  2. They are all slime…Hate slade and now gretchen. she reminds me of highschool when you can’t have mor than one best friend, how juvenile, he and gretchen have no story line and need to be kicked to the curb.

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