Did the Ladies of RHONY Make Peace After the Reunion?


Real Housewives fans of any city know that the reunions are very emotional, dramatic and most of the time just plain crazy. There are tears, laugher, shouting and sometimes even peace making. On this season of the Real Housewives of New York City we have seen a lot of drama go down with the ladies-with Bethenny Frankel coming back, Dorinda Medley joining the cast, and friendships shifting. So did the ladies make peace after the reunion was filmed a few days ago? According to social media it seems possible!

The cast members to took Twitter and Instagram sharing with fans that ALL of the ladies went out after the reunion was filmed. Don’t believe me? Take a look!

#RHONY post reunion pic. #psychowardbybravo @bravotv

A photo posted by Bethenny Frankel (@bethennyfrankel) on

Reunion photobomb . We laughed. We cried. We survived.

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Long day yesterday celebratory night! #Rhony @countessluann #wedidit

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The Countess even sent a Tweet about the ladies’ celebration:

Photo Credits: Instagram/Bravo

  • One Rotten Egg


  • Tam

    Good on you ladies.

  • SidewinderVX

    Did they have anything to really make up over? It hasn’t been a high drama season.

    I hope they keep the cast the exact same next season, it’s a good group, but the dynamic was a bit off. Might be more even in a second season with the same group.

  • CassyJ

    I liked this season because it wasn’t so incredibly draining to watch.

    • Bon Vivant

      Same here, the last season of RHoBh and nearly most seasons of RHoNj were just too toxic to enjoy. I appreciate a storyline with a story arch, not vicious attacks that spill over into media feuds and destroy families.

      • Have to agree with both of you, I found them toxic as well Cassy J and Bon Vivant

  • sidewinderVX

    Having only seen this weeks episode today, I take back what I said this episode was great and the next one looks good too. They are finally getting into it with one another.

  • Cordelia

    They all look as though they are possessed

  • ITA, Cordelia!

  • Jake

    I think that now that Bethenny is pretty much accepted from the group (I mean Heather & Kristen were the ones who were hard on her) the show and next season would be better, but I agree nothing really happened this season except peole ganging up on Bethenny & Ramona being Ramona (looney)… we’ll see! I hope they keep the cast like that as well, but I highly doubt it, I guess some of them might get the axe to 1- concentrate ang spend more time on each people, and 2- get rif of the non-dramatic ones (I’m thinking Kristen & Heather/Carole…) we’ll see…

  • JodyH

    I lived in the Berkshires (Lenox). It’s inhabited by country bumpkins.

    • Anonymous

      so you’re one of them.

  • Sharon

    I didn’t tune in at first, last year was too exhausting, for people who live a normal life. Not fun. Just ridiculous. I started, after a few episodes, things were some better, but Luanne and Ramona are too old. Can’t imagine what their children and their friends think. Mine would die of embarrassment.

    • Completely agree, Sharon!