Did Tamra Barney Invite Gretchen Rossi To Her Wedding At The Last Minute?


A lot of viewers have wondered why Gretchen Rossi wasn’t a bridesmaid in Tamra Barney’s wedding, or why she didn’t attend Tamra’s Vegas Bachelorette party. According to a new report by RadarOnline, Tamra didn’t invite Gretchen to her wedding until the last minute! A show insider tells Radar that Gretchen didn’t receive an invitation until the “eleventh hour.”

“Tamra and Gretchen have had a difficult relationship over the last few months and Tamra was insistent that Gretchen would not be there… not invited,” the source reveals. “But at the eleventh hour, she changed her mind. It was a change of heart. She realized just how important it was to have her there, despite all the petty drama.”

“Off-screen, Gretchen and Tamra definitely are not as close as they used to be,” the insider explains. “If the wedding was 12 months earlier, she would have been standing alongside Tamra at the altar as a member of the bridal party, but after all that has gone on, Gretchen just didn’t make the cut.”

UPDATE: Heather Dubrow tweeted us and said, “NOT true. She [Gretchen] was always invited!”

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  1. I believe it and heather is just trying to cover for Tamra like always. It’s obvious Gretchen and Tamra aren’t friends anymore.

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