Did Radio Slade Get Cancelled?


Since the premiere of Season 8 of The Real Housewives of Orange County people are wondering what exactly ‘Radio Slade’ is, and if Slade Smiley still has a job? Gretchen Rossi’s boyfriend fiancé, finally found a career he’s passionate about, hosting his own radio show, but is it still on air? Despite reports Slade’s show had been cancelled, RealityTea reports Radio Slade is airing on Satellite Radio and Slade signed a syndication deal earlier this year.

According to a report by AllAccess in January, ‘KRANTZ MEDIA GROUP has signed an agreement with SLADE D. SMILEY/GRAYSON ENTERTAINMENT to manage syndication and distribution of the entertainment/pop culture radio show through its content syndication division, KMG NETWORKS.’

“RADIO SLADE combines SLADE’s entertaining and lighthearted approach to reality and pop culture,” the site explains. “SLADE also brings access to all the best reality stars, actors, producers, directors and comedians. RADIO SLADE will also feature the popular hits of the 80s, 90s and today.”

Photo Credit: Bravo