Did Radio Slade Get Cancelled?


Since the premiere of Season 8 of The Real Housewives of Orange County people are wondering what exactly ‘Radio Slade’ is, and if Slade Smiley still has a job? Gretchen Rossi’s boyfriend fiancé, finally found a career he’s passionate about, hosting his own radio show, but is it still on air? Despite reports Slade’s show had been cancelled, RealityTea reports Radio Slade is airing on Satellite Radio and Slade signed a syndication deal earlier this year.

According to a report by AllAccess in January, ‘KRANTZ MEDIA GROUP has signed an agreement with SLADE D. SMILEY/GRAYSON ENTERTAINMENT to manage syndication and distribution of the entertainment/pop culture radio show through its content syndication division, KMG NETWORKS.’

“RADIO SLADE combines SLADE’s entertaining and lighthearted approach to reality and pop culture,” the site explains. “SLADE also brings access to all the best reality stars, actors, producers, directors and comedians. RADIO SLADE will also feature the popular hits of the 80s, 90s and today.”

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5 Replies to “Did Radio Slade Get Cancelled?”

  1. I would “never ever” listen to the Slade Smilie radio show as I do not respect the man at all and any endorsements that might be supporting him….. lets, just say I would never purchased any of them due to the fact that I have absolutely no respect for the him, nor do I believe he deserves any.

    Shame, shame on you, Slade! My advice is… crawl back into the hole that you came out of….

  2. Well said Jessie this guy is a sleaze……. Gretchen should have followed her conscience when she was worried about marrying him and his debt. Now she is responsible for part of that debt. They will look at the couples income and adjust the child support accordingly. AND IF THEY GET THEIR OWN WEDDING SPIN OFF SHOW I WILL SHOOT MYSELF. Enough is enough. First Kim Zolziak (?) Then NENE and then Tamara. Enough Bravo ENOUGH!!!!!

  3. Listen I didn’t care for Slade since he was with Jo but that was because he was good looking, had money, bought Jo whatever she wanted and was smug about it. It seemed like he treated her like his girl toy. Bottom line is that is what Jo wanted or allowed. So she went to pursue her career. Next is Lauri. She knew the whole story about Slade and Jo and she is the one who decided to date him, or whatever. This was never shown on the show but heard about later. Next he’s with Gretchen but she knew him for years when he was dating Jo. Now he had money and then lost money. He’s had issues with his child’s health and frankly has heard for YEARS Vicki and Tamara make accusations against him and/or Gretchen. Sleaze is a little over done at this point. Vicki is constantly throwing out remarks without any proof and the only way Slade has been able to get her back is to make comments about her looks because he knows she is vain. Now the remark he made to Lydia would not have been taken that way if it wasn’t him. She already had her mind made up about him before she even met him. Her husband was standing right there when he made the comment that he wanted to buy her a burger and he didn’t bat an eye. So while at a party the host decides after a big blow up with her son in law, girlfriend’s mother, brother to take her anger out on Slade by bringing up how she was going to make MONEY off his really upsetting remark to her. Then proceeds to scream at him and Gretchen but hey I understand he’s the sleaze.

  4. Spade is good to Gretchen, but slamming other RHOC publicly is wrong. I understand his hatred for Vicki. She has said awful things about him and is a COMPLETE HYPOCRITE!

  5. Say what you want about Vickie YEs she is a hypocrite, but every thing she said about sleazy slade was the truth. He is more interested in being on TV and traveling all over with gretchen then being with his son. If he was a REAL father he would move close to his son’s mother and be with him at some point every day. If that child takes a turn and god forbid he dies Slade is going to hate himself for not being there. (maybe not the child support goes away. I know that was bad but……. the truth hurts

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