Did Porsha Stewart Cheat On Kordell?


We previously reported that Atlanta socialite Crystal Mocahantas is rumored to join the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and now reports have surfaced that Crystal’s fiancé, Ralo Wonder had an affair with Porsha Stewart, while she was married to Kordell! But a friend of Crystal’s tells RadarOnline, the whole affair was a fabricated story, and that someone was hoping to create drama for RHOA!

“It’s a total lie,” the source tells Radar of Porsha’s alleged infidelity. “It’s more than likely that someone just made it up for the show. Ralo and Crystal have been together for a while and they’re happy and getting ready to get married. This whole thing is just made up.”

The source reveals the couple is laughing on the cheating allegations.“They’re happy. With the show coming up and everything, they’re just taking it day by day. But they’re excited and we’re all excited to see Crystal on TV soon.”

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2 Replies to “Did Porsha Stewart Cheat On Kordell?”

  1. I don’t dislike Porsha but I find her to be boring on the show. I think this is Bravo’s way of amping up her storyline.

  2. i think she is a gold digger , she was with kordel for money …I did not care for him but she is a gold digger.

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