Did Melissa Gorga Get A Nose Job?


Many people have noticed a difference in Melissa Gorga since she first appeared on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Her nose looks dramatically different! When Melissa was a guest on Watch What Happens Live Sunday night with Andy Cohen a viewer asked her if she had gotten her nose done. Melissa insisted she has had no surgery, but credited her makeup artist for his great contouring skills. However, a source tells RealityTea, Melissa is fibbing and that she HAS had a nose job!

“She DID have a nose job! Her plastic surgeon is the same one Kathy [Wakile] used,” the source reveals. “Melissa’s ex-trainer trained her at home and her nose was wrapped up from surgery when she went to go train her. Melissa also gets fillers in her face and her lips!”


Photo Credit: Bravo

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