Did Melissa Gorga Cheat On Joe Gorga?

Melissa Gorga

We reported that Melissa Gorga’s ex-boyfriend, Bryan Bowen, surfaced on Twitter and claimed he had a lot of dirt on Melissa, but was waiting for the right time to reveal his information. Now a new blind item suggests there could be more than one lover that’s ready to expose Melissa! The new claim says that Melissa cheated on Joe Gorga last year when their marriage was going through a rough patch, and this man has text messages and voicemails to prove Melissa’s infidelity. Melissa’s ex is supposedly calling her everyday and threatening to sell their text messages to expose Melissa’s infidelity, and prove she cheated on Joe Gorga!

The blind item reads, “This east coast Real Housewife has been getting calls everyday from a guy she cheated on her husband with last year when things were rough. He is threatening to sell texts and voice mails between the pair.”

The site Crazy Days & Nights is very reliable, in my opinion. They reported Adrienne Maloof & Brandi Glanville’s feud over the surrogacy/cheating before we (the public) knew anything about it, along with other blind items regarding The Real Housewives that have proven to be true.

Tell Us- Do YOU think Melissa cheated on Joe?

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  • Kate

    Melissa is a hoe. It is about time somebody let her shit out of the closet and people can see her for what she really is. TRASH

  • DrewH

    First, she’s a stripper. Now, she’s a cheater. Guess we know what Season 5’s drama/set up is going to be about. *Rolls eyes*

  • Lilly

    How come I’m not shocked?!!?!?!?!

  • blackmail is a crime involving unjustified threats to make a gain or cause loss to another unless a demand is met.
    blackmail is legally defined as the criminal offense of attempting to extort money or property by threats of exposure of a crime or disreputable conduct.
    blackmail is a felony and carries punishments such as fines and imprisonment.

  • stacey

    Yep she sure did

  • Temptress

    Yes, I absolutely believe Melissa cheated on Joe. Nothing is real that she portrays and that includes her fake perfect marriage. Even with their big mouths I do not think Melissa’s wicked sister’s will get her out of being exposed. I’m curious how Joe Gorga is taking the news that Melissa hides from his poison because she’s obviously been playing with non-gorga tarzans. He never should have tried to turn a whore in to a housewife. She doesn’t cook, clean and other people take car of her children. Her only viable skill in the world is sex. I can’t wait for the world to see Melissa fall…..hard.

  • Melissa, is simply a want-to-be-Teresa, with all the popularity and notoriety and money that goes with this show. She wanted a piece of the action and lime light for herself, no matter that it futher tore the family apart. Could she have cheated on Joe? Nothing about her would suprise me!

  • Brenda

    well well well….the truth shall prevail!!!!! The Gorga’s had so much to say against Teresa and Joe about their personal affairs…..Then I read the Gorga’s are over 1.5 million in debt themselves, now cheating and please please Melissa put the microphone down you cannot sing girlfriend….your voice is brutal!!!

  • Pinky

    K A R M A

  • Just me

    Melissa is a skank….is that how you spell it, well she is and joe gorga is a disgusting pig, all his talk is about sex, pulling down his pants on camera no less, now more talk about his rape charge come out, he treats his family terrible, he is rotten to his parents, ripping his own father out of money on the house, he does not pay his bills, he says he owns his wife, he is a pig and he deserves the ho he married

  • Cat

    I am on the other side. Looks like Melissa loves her family and Teressa is a trouble maker. Who knows though!

  • julieg

    I made a comment on this …i heard this ,rumors in every corner in NJ …IF YOU PEOPLE ONLY KNOW she’s not what she wants to portray on the show….Teresa knew it …she didn’t want them to do the show,that’s the reason of why..