Did Kyle Richards Quit RHOBH?


According to a new report from TMZ, RHOBH star Kyle Richards has given notice to Bravo that she will be quitting the show. Kyle’s brother-in-law Rick Hilton was spotted at LAX on Monday and announced that Richards was so upset that the network aired her family’s dirty laundry regarding Nicky Hilton’s wedding that she gave her notice… and this isn’t the first time Kyle has threatened to quit.

But other show sources state that Rick is just plain wrong and that Kyle isn’t going anywhere. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills sources tell TMZ that this is all about Rick’s feud with Kyle’s husband Mauricio.

Watch the video of Rick Hilton below.

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64 Replies to “Did Kyle Richards Quit RHOBH?”


    There are always a lot of stories from sources that are wrong, but this one takes the cake.
    Firstly, Kyle will never quit the show, she’s far to desperate for it, she loves the attention.
    Secondly, it certainly won’t be over Bravo airing family drama – Kyle lives to air her family drama on TV!

    I’d say he’s just trying to stir up shit on Kyle, good for him. She does it to the rest of her family enough.

    I actually just watched season 3 again and it’s by far Kyles most likable season. She had no Kim drama, and her getting drunk in Ojai was really fun. She had potential to be interesting this season without Kim, pity she’s still talking and crying about her all the time, and she’s too fake to let her guard down like she did in Ojai.

    1. You know sidewinder I would never want you for a friend. You take too much joy in other people’s misery. I feel very sorry for you.

      1. Aunt Bee, you have many friends who love you there are some people it’s best to just ignore. Stick with the ones who love you xoxo

      2. I think he was laughing at how wrong this story is, Aunt Bee, unless I am mistaken. There is a lot of hearsay on these boards. We see stories about everyone on one day that change so dramatically the next day. Kyle would never leave this show, and I agree with sidewinder there. Maybe you are referring to something else he said. I don’t agree with everything he or anyone here says.
        This is about reality TV, and if anyone wanted true privacy, they would not appear regularly on reality TV IMO. They are asking to be dissected by the public and must be prepared for it or leave. The way I see it, none of these characters on BH are angels, and none should be glorified. I respect them as human beings, but I do not love any one of them.

        I hope you are having a nice week. 😉

        1. Sorry Sandy, but I have just reread it twice and I agree with Aunt Bee, maybe I’m reading it wrong as well but I don’t think so.

            1. I understood what you wrote and could not extract any other meaning. I saw that it looked like you laughed at the stupid story, since it is another one of the many ones out there that seem fabricated.

          1. Besides, I never did understand what is so wrong about wanting to be on the show. I haven’t heard Kyle ever say she wants to quit, or that she doesn’t want the public to comment. Naturally she doesn’t like hearing horrible things said about herself. Especially bald faced lies, who would? She was asked to do the show, Lisa was asked to do the show. They make really good money for doing the show. Even if the platform they gain by doing the show isn’t part of many of the episodes, they are still gaining a lot of exposure by showing the public what that part of their life is like. It would certainly be a different type of show if they showed every charity luncheon and the speeches and all. Kyle has done one whole show about her charity work with St. Jude’s. The actress she had worked with on Halloween, Jamie Lee Curtis, is a huge contributor to that charity and I enjoyed that episode a lot. Her daughters modeled clothes in that episode and so did Brandy and Joyce. They all got together for the kids and that exposure brought lots and lots of money to St. Jude’s. Money is what they need to continue doing the work they do and saving the lives of children. They take in kids, all kids always whether the parents can pay or not. Anyone who wants to say derogatory things about that just can not see the good in anything she does, out of pure spite.

            1. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Years ago my brother Steve was involved with that hospital and I even have a picture of him and Marlo Thomas at a fund raiser in Akron Oh.
              I don’t have a lot but I have made monthly donations to St. Jude.

      3. I’ve seen the people you side with, so I’m fine with that.
        You take problem with my post laughing at a story that’s clearly not true, but have no problem with other people who make fun of housewives.

        1. It wasn’t the laughing it was a couple of the comments. I support or reply to ( I don’t like side it sounds childish) people who think in a similar way to me as everyone else does here. That should explain my comment to Aunt Bee. I told you several times I really liked you but to me your comments are getting too much for me to even reply to lately. Sad really!

          1. What were the couple of comments, because you specifically said you reread this reply.

            I personally see supporting everything someone says, and calling out other people for making similar comments as someone you support as siding with them.

            I made comments about Kyle, comments that weren’t even bad, and Aunt Bee made comments about me personally. This is just another example of this happening, yet when it happens to Aunt Bee or 3ds you jump all over it, but it’s fine for them to do – I assume based on your continued support.

            I don’t think I’ve ever had a problem with your comments, you aren’t rude and can disagree. It’s only every over defending other rude comments of others we disagree on.

            1. I have just just a long reply but realized I don’t care enough to post it, I stick by what I have said! That’s it I’m afraid!

  2. This is so incredibly lame and tame compared to all the giant fiascoes the Hilton children have made in the news that I’m surprised the senior Hiltons even noticed it.

  3. Geez… this family is so messed up. He doesn’t deny that they only invited part of Kyle’s family to the wedding…but makes it real clear they didn’t like their arrogant and controlling behavior being outed on Bravo.

  4. If this is untrue, then Rick Hilton is as bad minded as the rest of the Hiltons & the way Kyle, Mauricio & family have been treated by them.

  5. Rick Hilton is the quintessential greasy old pig. No one married that guy for any reason other than money. It must have been hell giving him his children. Many stories come out all the time from the Hilton side of the family, for whatever reason. Their only connection to fame is Kyle, so why not make up some stuff during the season. I love Kyle, she is beautiful and classy and the reason I watch housewives. She is actually a housewife. Beautiful children, handsome successful husband, a business now that her kids are older and lovely expensive vacations. Her and Lisa make the show what it is and always have.

  6. What a lot of nonsense of course she won’t quit and if she did it wouldn’t be through an announcement from Rick Hilton. He is a gross repulsive father of four, one decent the other three, well we all know about them!!!!! He just can’t stand that Mauricio has been so successful since leaving! He could have made him partner but didn’t so pfffft to him! People who say he was unethical stealing clients or agents are so wrong this happens all of the time in this business!!

  7. Mr. H comes across as very arrogant. Thanks to his children, and their behavior, his “family secrets” are already all over the tabloids, so he needs to get over it. Kyle doesn’t have to quit her job because of him.

    1. agree. funny how the invited/uninvited part of Kyle going to the wedding, who was invited or not in the family….this is what the Hiltons think will make things right? doesnt take kyle mentioning this when bigger secrets are exposed like the coke head kids, drunk sister, shister greedy realiory hilton or manipulating wife, kathy.

  8. This is ridiculous! I had never heard Rick talk before, he just sounds dumb. Must be all of the drinking and drugs.

    Of course Kyle isn’t quitting the show. She loves it way too much. Like Kyle said of the show about growing up in the 70’s, she may be the baby of the family, but she is a grown woman in her 40’s with four kids of her own. She’s a big girl and can make her own decisions for her life. She didn’t mind outing Kim’s alcoholism (although we all saw it anyway), she sure as heck doesn’t mind outing her other sister is a bitch.

    1. That is the perfect example of the fact that the housewives franchise connection is the reason you and many of the people here have only now heard Rick Hilton speak. I used to deal cards at the Hilton, and I never heard of Kathy Hilton till housewives.

      1. Card dealing ? That sounds like a rather cool job! I just LOLd at you never hearing of Kathy though!

        Kathy I knew of only because I’ve always liked delving into the family histories of America’s political, blue blood, and robber baron dynasties. Kathy used to be profiled a lot in society pages in her younger years, she was quite pretty back then to me, which always makes it so shocking to see her in the tabloids these days as, errmmm, a “much changed” woman. For the most part I tend to tune into the BH and NY franchise of Real Housewives based on either the person’s professional pedigree or family/marital relations. I think that’s truly why I’m less interested in the other franchises, lol.

        1. I loved dealing cards. Especially in The Nevada Club which was owned by The Fitzgerald’s. Old fashioned pit and pit bosses! But, I also liked the money and the hours. When my children were 2, 4 and 6, for the next 12 years I worked 1:30am to 9:30 am or thereabouts. I had some night time sleep and their Dad got them up for school. I was home for everything else. By the time I left dealing, my oldest had a car and could drive everyone to school. Not nearly the glamorous life you live, but I loved it. At the Hilton, the Hiltons never came to the casino that I know of and I never connected Paris Hilton to it till housewives. I garden now, far away from inside a casino!

  9. The Hilton’s need to shut up. Their kids are horrendous except for Nicky, teach your kids some morals and hold them accountable for there actions, I’m sensing the green monster has set in

    1. I just managed to watch the video, he really is gross! Yuck! Teach his kids manners as well! Best thing Mauricio did was get out of Hilton and Hyland.

  10. Rick Hilton has never made a name for himself ON HIS OWN. He had family connections and that’s what Kathy married. The $ and the connections. I’m pretty sure Rick is so jealous of Mauricio. First off, Rick looks like some aging disco guy from the late 70’s and Maurico is hot. Kathy is dumb and their kids are disasters. So I think jealousy is the issue here. He’s another one who doesn’t understand that when you PUT YOURSELF under the public spotlight and you have kids that are the poster children of “How Not To Raise Children”, then you can’t get upset that people make negative comments. No, Rick. It’s NOT OKAY that your daughter made sex tapes, showed her crotch in public numerous time, dated drug addicts, went to jail and never worked a day in her life. If you don’t want people to see the mess you’ve made of your life, then stop being on tv and stop calling paparazzi every time you walk outside of your house.

  11. GOD I hope this is true however I don’t think it is because Kyle is all about her exposure no matter how bad it make her or her Family look.

  12. They are sloppy. They have NO storyline and it’s just a matter of time Kim falls off the wagon again. They are boring and they both should have not been asked back. Kyle can’t be upset with the producers airing her personal business. She brought it to the table.

      1. Yes she most certainly did say that. Read the first several sentences of this article. It basically says she is upset they aired her family problems. Bravo airs anything to make a story and Kyle is ignorant to think they wouldn’t

        1. I agree, Amy anyone going on a reality show is opening up their world, therefore Kyle opened the door when she auditioned and took her sister! Kyle’s daughters getting their ears pierced was beyond anything I’ve ever seen…not cute!

          1. Omg is was disgusting behavior. Not ok. And Kyle just cuddled them. Absolutely disgusting to see kids behave that way and for a parent think its acceptable behavior. How are they going to act if they really have a suitation ?

            1. I think it is a reflection of their mom, she seems to panic often. When the oldest went away to college…a few hours away…was crazy behavior. I tend to see them as spoiled and not cute!

  13. I agree with Lisa Vanderpump. Kyle should tell these two bullies to eff off. Why is Kathy so concerned about a show about Kyle’s childhood…maybe she is not going to look too good as her big sister…and can you steal a client? Don’t we all choose an agent for ourselves when we buy or sell a house? The few times I have seen Kathy Hilton on reality TV, I remember thinking…”well, that explains those kids”… and if I had to choose between Rick or Mauricio to sell my house…it would be a real easy choice after what I saw on this video.
    Do whatever you want, Kyle.

  14. Totally agree apple, my son is in similar situation but surveyors, it is down to clients who they choose. Like you I would never choose RH over Mauricio. Just because Rick comes across as an idiot and his wife no better. It says a lot for them that three out of their four kids are wasters. 😀

  15. I have always thought Kyle was beautiful and classy. There is something in the social world she lives in that might make her look fake, when I think it is just being kind to people you can barely tolerate. It is almost required in a huge group of women. I have never understood why she gets the bashing she does. But, that’s what makes the world go round. We all choose our friends and who to be a fan of and I choose her. I don’t really care anymore who thinks it is odd to post, to be a fan of Kyle, Theresa, Tamra and a few more, but not a fan of Kim, Keenya, Brandy and a few more.

  16. She’s so thirsty she’ll never quit, she wants to be the next Kardashian clan. Won’t happen. And she won’t stop hurting people around her to get there. Sad.

  17. That should explain my comment to Aunt Bee. I told you several times I really liked you but to me your comments are getting too much for me to even reply to lately. Sad really! Where such information?

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