Did Kim Zolciak Say The “N” Word On RHOA?

Twitter was buzzing with rumors that Kim Zolciak said the “N” word in her exit interview on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. I played it back a couple of times to see if I noticed anything, and I couldn’t tell. I noticed Bravo was bleeping something out, but couldn’t tell what it was. Andy Cohen and Cynthia Bailey discussed this topic on the WWHL after show. Andy says they watched it back 4 times, Cynthia watched it back several times, and Andy concludes that Kim DOES NOT say the “N” word. Cynthia says she watched it back a lot and “was on the fence” about whether or not Kim said the racial slur, but decided “there’s no way she would say that.” Andy clarifies that Kim says f***ing ladies. You can watch them discuss it in the video below. Jump to 5:55 into the video.

Tell Us- What did YOU hear?

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo


9 Replies to “Did Kim Zolciak Say The “N” Word On RHOA?”

  1. Andy and Cythnia knows that Kim said the “N” word. I wasn’t shocked. Notice how she treats Sweedy. Glad she is gone. Now, Troy will find out the real Kim. They will probably be divorce within the year. Babies don’t necessarily save marriages.

  2. When I first watched the show, I was sure that she said the “N word”, but after reading about all the controversy over this, I watched it again, and I believe that she actually did say “ladies”. They just a bad job of bleeping out the “F word” and made it sound worse.

  3. Kim ur Racist u jealous of all the ladies u pregant every mintue your oldest daughter is very desrespectful and u allow it i dont know y he puts up with ur bs ur WIGS are ugly and y were u haten on tht girls house and her neighborhood and u dont even have ur Dream house any more u mad and ur trailer park trash. And u wish u was a N. and tht guy gone leave ur ass u so un grateful and jealous and petty, and if it wasnt for them same N’s. u wouldnt have even met hm. U funny.

  4. No she didn’t… Kim is NOT RACIST! You just don’t like her because she was in an all black show. Would you feel the same if she was with he OC women. NOOOOOOOOOOOO.

  5. Who cares if Kim said the N word? Tell me this, why do all support songs, rappers, etc and probably use the word yourself then get mad when another race says it. They are only mimicking the behavior and words your tolerating as a people.

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