Did Kim Zolciak-Biermann Get Butt Implants?


Don’t Be Tardy star Kim Zolciak-Biermann has vehemently denied going under the knife for certain procedures, but in new Instagram post we noticed that Kim’s booty is looking perfectly plump. Zolciak credits her new body to eating healthy and working out, but tell us what you think Kim has had done after looking at these photos!

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  • Monica

    Uhm, she said she’s wearing a shaping device that also shapes when it’s off, like a waist cincher. Duh. Personally, I don’t get the whole large a$$ trend (thank you KK) but to each their own. I’m not saying to catch a case of noassatall, but really? You need to actively TRY to have a giant a$$? HER HAIR though!!!

  • Queenie

    Her face looks like a mannequin. Well, being a member of the BIG BUTT Club myself (naturally), I can’t say as I hate the new trend!

  • Judyk

    Probably got me! She’s not afraid of plastic surgery, that’s for sure! However, I think she looks great!

  • Lisa

    If there’s an implant SHE’S HAD IT. LOL

  • Freda

    I bet she had her hymen reconstructed…so she will be “like a virgin”

  • mamamia

    I remember watching the first season of her spin-off, watching her working out for her wedding in a pair of sweat pants. I remember thinking how unattractive her butt looked. It was quite flat and saggy. No amount of squats is going to make that big of a difference. I wish celebs would own up to all their procedures so that women wouldn’t have such unattainable standards of beauty for themselves…