Did Kim Richards Relapse On Pain Pills?

Kim Richards

In next week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills we will see the women questioning Kim Richards’ sobriety as the group heads to Paris for a trip. We see Kim’s mysterious behavior in the preview and Lisa Vanderpump points out that the Kim she is seeing in Paris is not the same Kim she’s seen the past few months and even says that Kim doesn’t seem “lucid.”

In July, when the women were filming Season 3, there were rumors Kim had relapsed on prescription pain pills after her nose job. The website Crazy Days and Nights has more insight on what triggered Kim’s behavior on the Paris trip and what pills she was taking.

On July 24th, 2012, the site reported, ‘Remember how Kim Richards was supposed to be not on Real Housewives anymore? She was supposed to be phased out with Taylor Armstrong but so far that has not really happened. In fact, with what happened in Paris, Kim Richards may have a great little storyline going for next season. According to people close to the production, Kim Richards had a meltdown on on the cast’s recent trip to Paris. It was all caught on camera and apparently it all had to do with some pills she is taking. This is what I don’t understand about rehab. You go and you get sober for drinking, but doctors still say it is fine to take everything else, so are you really sober? Anyway, Kim was taking Klonopin and Ambien and there may be others. Of course the meltdown could be just because she had to spend so much one on one time with Brandi Glanville.’

Photo Credit: Bravo


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